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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Now THAT's Singing

Great job, Mr. Seger! I've never been a huge Seger fan but the man could sing.  As is apparent here.  (Bob Seger sings "Hollywood Nights" a Capella). Remember, I'm not much of a rocker.  I'm more of Pop and Standards girl.

I was just complaining about this yesterday to a 20-something as my ears were being slammed with sound...

Young people, including this, will say "Isn't s/he great?"

I say: "How in the ____ would I know? First of all s/he is rapping, that's not singing. I don't care if there's "music" in the background. Let me hear him/her live a capella. Without all the processing and auto-tune crap. Let me hear him sing some Smokey or Vandross or Eckstein. Then come and ask me!"

This is what any competent to great singer can do, sing with no accompaniment, start and end on the same pitch and keep a beat.  I can do it, thank God.

HERE is the song with all the bells and whistles. (Original album version). And Seger was still singing it as of 2011 albeit in a slightly lower key. Still cranking it out.

Good for you, Bob! He's was 68 in May 2013.

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