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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Cleveland Schools Get A Failing Grade

Duh.  I wonder why.
Teachers rock. They are the heroes.
I think the kids should all have to wear uniforms from K through 12. Black pants and white shirts and black shoes.
I don't believe in passing a failing kid. Let him fail and fail. Screw his self-esteem. When he gets it, that's a win.  That's a boost.  "I got it!"  He needs to learn to WORK!  To think.  To reason.  To READ!!  
I don't believe in excuses for these kids and I, for one, am tired of it.
Other people who had it really crappy upbringings buckled down and learned sh*t.
My dad didn't even speak English when he went into kindergarten. He got kicked out of his house at age 12 by his step-father. He slept on friends' sofas, porches, basements, garages. He graduated from high school, served in WW2, was a Silver Star recipient.  He came home, worked 3 jobs to put himself through college and law school and put food on the table for a wife and kid. (More kids to come!)
I have another friend; much younger. She's about 32 now. She had to leave school at 12 (here in Cleveland) to work to help put food on her family's table. Her dad, a bus driver, was severely disabled, but nobody in that family got assistance. They were dirt poor but kept a clean house and kept that roof over their heads. She got her GED, and now has a PhD. in Psychology. All that while working AND having a seizure disorder.
I have no sympathy for lazy kids with excuses.  "Oh my mother deserted me. I was a crack baby.  My parents were sucky." Etc.
Nobody wants to listen to MY excuses. Why should anyone listen to yours?
Get off your dead asses, put away the damn game controller, pull up your fkg pants, put your d*ck back in its holster, don't have unprotected sex, don't have babies you're going to dump on your parents or (worse) grandparents, have some respect for those teachers and go to school and work to learn.
I'm tired of supporting your lazy, whiny asses.

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