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Monday, January 25, 2016

Rants 1, 2 and 3 From a Pedestrian's Point Of View

#1 Rant for today: To the two idiotic, cheap, selfish side-by-side neighbors on Graham Rd. between 9th and 13th, south side. Your driveways are not a luge run. People actually do WALK on that section of Graham Rd. How is it possible in a 3 mile stretch, you two are the only jerks who didn't shovel or salt your damn sidewalks and driveways? And don't rely on the sun to de-ice you; you'll get afternoon sun in about, oh, maybe April. I slid down your damn sidewalk and almost ended IN Graham Rd. Stupid butt-heads --- you are lucky I'm just banged up and bruised. I hope you can't get up your driveways! I hope somebody decides to go after your two sorry butts. It won't be me; I don't have the time. Thanks for nothing, you jack-wipes!
On a positive note, the trip was worth the fall. I found what I needed for our upcoming murder mystery Feb. 13-14th at Quail Hollow performed by 1MobInc

#2 Not everyone in your little universe drives a stinkin' car. Some folks walk or ride bikes.
#3 That little lever on the left hand side of your steering column is called a TURN SIGNAL. It's there for a reason. It's not for decoration. Start using the damn thing.
I'm tired of strangers, friends and loved ones who either don't use it at all or think it's kind a random, optional thing. "Oh, I'm in the left hand turn lane, therefore everyone should know I'm turning left." Right. The way people drive today, that's not a given! If I were Queen, I would make it a law that you have to use that thing AT THE TIME! Indicate, indicate, indicate where the heck you are going. It's lazy, inconsiderate people like you that get people like me killed or injured, whether we are on foot or on a bike.
Bring back Driver's Ed; it seems like the grown-ups need a refresher course.

On a note about Rant #1: Here's the deal and why I don't have a tremendous amount of sympathy for the 2 driveway people.
First of all, this is NE Ohio. We get snow and ice in the winter. Fact. It's not like it's some random weird weather occurrence as though we lived in Texas or someplace that does not get a lot of snow and/or ice.

Second: If you can't salt or shovel, and you go to church, put it out to the parish that you need help. If you have money, there are people who shovel and salt driveways in trucks. There are the Boy Scouts, Volunteers of America, and other orgs that will do stuff like that for shut-ins or the elderly. We don't live in some extremely rural area,like the northern pine woods of Maine or Alaska. We live in a CITY, ergo there are a ton or orgs to help out elderly or shut-ins with just this kind of stuff. And it's TWO driveways not one. One I get. Two I don't. The next person that falls there could sue these people and they could lose their houses. It just wasn't the sidewalk; that I get, kind of. Our city does not require you to salt your sidewalks. It was the whole driveway of both houses all the way down to the street. After I got up, I had to walk almost up to the houses themselves to avoid it. If that makes me an unsympathetic person, than so be it. Some truly elderly or disabled person that has to walk that way to catch a bus (and there is a bus stop about 100 yards down the street) or go the store will hurt themselves. I'm not worried about me. I'm tough; but somebody else could bust a hip.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Alan Rickman & Donald Trump

I was thinking about David Bowie and Alan Rickman dying from cancer. Which is sad. And then there is all this hoopla about Donald Trump. Which is stupid.

We talk about politicians etc. And I am grateful I can vote. I'm glad I live in a country where we can discuss these things. But I have to say, when people get all honked off about this and that. Frankly, it gets kind of silly.

I just think about what I would consider to be "real" stuff. Health stuff. Too many people getting or dying of cancer. Too many people being overweight and having diabetes etc. Prejudice. This overwhelming sense of so many people being proverbially pissed off all the time.

I think we need to take care of ourselves and our bodies and spirits and not get our knickers in such a twist over what I consider to be inane stuff like politics.

Get out of the house. Go see a play. Go see Star Wars. Go hear some live music. If you can't get out, watch something funny on TV, a movie or youtube. Try and move. Get off your arse. And most of all......

Try to be grateful because life is short!

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Sinatra at 100

Watching "Sinatra 100: The Grammy Concert." some of the performers seems to get the "simpler is more" concept, and bravo to them for letting those great melodies and lyrics speak. Like Harry Connick Jr. Duh, of course HE gets it! Seth McFarlane got the memo too, IMO!

Many of the country folks get it too. The Chairman said you need to know the music and then sing it. Easy for HIM to to say, right??! He kept it simple and let his voice communicate the music. And what great songs, composers, arrangers and musicians he had!

Some of the performers tonight on the other hand.....meh.....didn't quite get that simplicity memo. Trills are unnecessary, folks! 

And on a costume note: whoever designs Celine Dion's gowns should be shot at sunrise or (to be fair) they need to seriously override her really bad taste. "No Celine, decide. Sleeveless or long sleeved, honey. You can't have one on one arm and the other on the other arm unless it's Grecian style because well, it looks like s---t." And support, support, please support her bosom with something! Ideally, bosoms are supposed to be relatively together. In the middle....

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Peace On Earth, Good Will Towards Men?

Let me stir the pot here a bit because there's been a lot of chest-puffing and chest-banging lately especially by some noisy, mostly fundamental Christians who are using their religion as a political platform or to "rally" the people with a "we're better than them" rhetoric. I heard a terrifying political ad on TV exhorting people to vote for him because he was going to take care of the terrorists. He sounded a whole hell of a lot like....dare I say it, Hitler?

Careful with that one, folks, because it sure makes you sound a whole heck of a lot like....oh, wait for it....other extremist groups filled with hate and fear-mongering? Like, oh my...the KKK or....ISIS??
Yes, I wrote that. You read that right.

That crap sure isn't what I learned about Jesus in Sunday School.

Think about this one for a sec: Jesus was not about EX-clusion but IN-clusion.

At this time of year, when many celebrate the birth of the Christ child and/or the return of light or the festival of light (Hanukkah, Winter Solstice and Yule), shouldn't we should be thinking about light, caring, sharing, and peace on earth, good will toward men?

Shouldn't we, of whatever beliefs we have, be sending out prayers, thoughts, vibes, energies, beams of hope for peace, love and tolerance throughout the world? Instead of all that negative stuff? Just a thought....

Don't Make it About Religion, Please!

There was a posting from a friend of mine who understandably after today's tragic killings, that people need to fight for freedom and preserving the "Christian way of life." I replied ( because it got my knickers in a slight twist):

It's not even so much the Christian Way of Life, It's the "sensible, kind, joyous, have common sense, manners and decency, take care of your neighbor, pitch in and help, be responsible, shoulder your burdens, carry on, accept and give kids (especially) consequences" way of life. It's the way of life that when your neighbor's house burns down, you help. When a flood hits, you help. when a child, old person or animal is suffering you help.

One of the basic freedoms of this country is freedom to worship your Higher Power as you wish. (That includes mathematical principles, the nature of the universe or not believing in a Higher Power if you're an atheist). I'm not a Christian but I can respect the "do unto others etc." way of life. Please, my dear, don't make it about Christianity or the "Christian way of life." It really has nothing to do with Christianity and everything to do with humanity, and being humane, kind and responsible.

If anything the generation that came after the Baby Boomers doesn't get this, for the most part, and they should! Far too many of them are lazy, entitled spoiled brats. I'm talking 20 and 30 somethings. We Boomers raised them, so yes, our generation is partly to blame. I say this with all respect. My husband and stepson are non-active Marines and I believe they would agree with me.

We are all stuck on this Blue Planet together and we all need to get our collective heads out of our selfish, poor-me asses. I don't care if you are Christian, Jew, Muslim, atheist, pagan, Buddhist, Hindu or worship cats underneath an oak the old song goes, "come on people/ smile on your brother/ everybody get together/ try to love one another right now."

If you're going to be an selfish, stupid idiot and go around shooting people or blowing restaurants up or killing 100+ hostages, you're an asshole. I don't care what your faith is. There is no way that the Divine "told" you to do that. My dogs are better behaved than you are. My dogs are closer to the heart of God, Goddess, Buddah, Allah, "Hey You", the Universe (whatever) than you will ever be because they love unceasingly.

I"m hear to tell you; don't make it about religion. That what those f---kers from ISIS are saying, "It's all for Allah, their religion." It's not about religion. It's about humanity, being human, being humane. These killers (and please stop calling them "shooters"'s just too nice a word) don't care about common sense, humane thought, and looking out for the other guy. They are stupid sheep, and that's an insult to sheep.

We need to hold the families of those victims here in the States and in Paris close to our hearts. They are the ones who need the best of us, the most caring and loving parts of us, the part that has not forgotten our humanity. We are those families, we are Paris, we are Colorado, we are Oklahoma, we are the Twin Towers. I pray, in my way, to the Great Mother of us all to hold those victims and their families in Her Loving Arms. I pray, in my way, for people to get their heads out of their asses too.

Blessings to all of you at this time of year which is important for so many cultures and beliefs. Mine included!
Amen, Selah, So mote it be!

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The Day JFK Died

I was in 4th grade. Our principal, Mr. Will. came over the loudspeaker at Lincoln Elementary and said that President Kennedy had been shot. A girl in my class burst into tears; I think her name was Melodie. I remember it was a windy day and the bare branches were dancing outside the windows. That struck me as strange in our very quiet school room.  

We were sent home and for three days all that was on TV was the whole thing, including Oswald being shot. We wanted to be respectful because that's what we were taught but 3 days with a TV that only had 3 channels and crummy weather is boring for a kid. I do remember watching the parade and Black Jack the horse, with the boots turned backwards in the stirrups. That really sticks in my head even today. I thought that was classy.

It was my generation's Pearl Harbor.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Brian Setzer and the Cleveland Goose Egg

The Brian Setzer concert was AWESOME!  Now the Spousal Unit can check that off his bucket list!

(The audience gets a big, old goose egg!)

Brian is a fabulous guitar player, of course and he had a full-tilt, boogie-on big band and two girls singers who weren't sticks; they were lovely and curvaceous!  His slap bass player is a monster and so wonderful to watch!  We can't wait to go to another concert!  It was one of the best concerts either one of us has ever been to!  And my shoes inadvertently matched the band guys' jackets!  How fun and weird it that?

By the way, I feel another Voice In My Head coming along.  She will talk about good behavior at concerts, plays etc.

I was simply goob-smacked at the people we sat next to who first of all asked us to move 2 seats down so they could sit with their friends (I should have said no, quite frankly).  They, and most of the people around talked through the whole opening act which is rude and disrespectful. They didn't applaud him at all.  Hey, OK, his music was not necessarily MY cup of tea (too much distortion guitar) but he's got some talent for sure. That's a hard, hard job; to open for a headliner.  We both made a point to thank him and shake his hand during the intermission.  (He was out autographing his CD).  I almost apologized to him on behalf of my town of birth.

People started walking out before Brian's concert was even over?  Seriously, who DOES that?  Don't you want him to do a couple of encores???  On behalf of the fun-loving NE Ohioans still left, I apologize!

When did Cleveland audiences become so tepid and rude?  And what's with all the getting up during the concert and going back and forth bull shit?  Unless you've got something seriously wrong with you, like diarrhea, keep your ass in your damn seat.  For almost the first time in my life, I am embarrassed to say I was born in Cleveland.

I mean, seriously, that show was high energy, toe tapping, body rocking, head bopping, bundles of fun and great music. And most of the people around us were acting like it was chamber music in a church.

Maybe it's because it was at the Rocksino, which frankly is a pretty crappy venue!  The Spousal Unit and I were practically in each others' laps!

But we got to see Brian Setzer and he and his whole crew were amazing and fun!!  Totally worth putting up being surrounded by a bunch of stick-in-the-mud types!  He show was a wowzer plus!!!!