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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Now THAT's Singing

Great job, Mr. Seger! I've never been a huge Seger fan but the man could sing.  As is apparent here.  (Bob Seger sings "Hollywood Nights" a Capella). Remember, I'm not much of a rocker.  I'm more of Pop and Standards girl.

I was just complaining about this yesterday to a 20-something as my ears were being slammed with sound...

Young people, including this, will say "Isn't s/he great?"

I say: "How in the ____ would I know? First of all s/he is rapping, that's not singing. I don't care if there's "music" in the background. Let me hear him/her live a capella. Without all the processing and auto-tune crap. Let me hear him sing some Smokey or Vandross or Eckstein. Then come and ask me!"

This is what any competent to great singer can do, sing with no accompaniment, start and end on the same pitch and keep a beat.  I can do it, thank God.

HERE is the song with all the bells and whistles. (Original album version). And Seger was still singing it as of 2011 albeit in a slightly lower key. Still cranking it out.

Good for you, Bob! He's was 68 in May 2013.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Feeling Stupid & Sh***y. Literally.

From the "Stupid, Nobody Really Gives a Snot-Blowing Royal Rip But n A Weird Way You Feel Better Posting It On Your Wall" Inane FB Post Category:

Don't you hate it when you have a big event approaching or a lot to do you and you don't feel well. And then you feel like an idiot because you've completely stressed yourself out and now you feel crappy AND stupid???  Arrgggh!

Actually what's stressing me out the most is that it is highly likely that it's going to be hot AND humid where we're going (WDW) and I'm so scared that I'll be too hot to do any of the myriad cool, fun things there are to do!  I'm freaking out because about 25 years I got heat stroke at an air show and it was simply awful.

And then to add to my stupidity I keep reading stuff on "How to stay cool" on the internet and how hot and miserable it can be at WDW....stupid, stupid, stupid......
Trolling the internet like some hypochondriac.

Who wants to spend a zillion dollars on a vacation and be stuck in your hotel or in the shade by the pool?  Heck, I can do that here.

How stupid can I be???  Pretty damn stupid apparently.

Hating myself right about now because it's all my own damn fault. Where the mind is, so goes your guts. I wish I'd quit pooping myself. It's getting old as hell.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Rude People? Gotcha.

Someone posted on HuffPost about a woman in fast food restaurant berating the counter help because they had put ketchup on her burger.  I read this and remembered this incident.

Ask me about the Home Store (sort of like a Bed Bath and Beyond) incident when I had turned 40...very pivotal experience.....when I turned from young woman to mature woman. 

For starters. It was in a very nice area (Bay Village, Ohio), very upscale.  I nailed a Beemer Driving B*tch for downright rudeness. She is hereafter referred to as BB

Here's the story and yes, it's true and yes, I did say all that because my brain was working!

I had gone into this store which was near where I worked at the time. They were having a huge "going out of business" sale. I had my few things in a basket and got in line. The Beemer B*tch was absolutely berating this poor store clerk, called her "Stupid, Incompetent" Etc. The poor clerk was almost in tears and this was after the BB had stormed to the head of the line, almost knocking over an elderly woman! Sashaying in her designer jeans, tossing her hair back, jewelry jangling like she owned the joint and everyone there were her pickaninnies. 

I said to her, "I beg your pardon, but we were in line in front of you." 

She flipped her hair back with a most definite Who Cares attitude,  ignored me and started in on the clerk. 

I guess I got my Hungarian dander up. I said, "Look, honey, you cannot speak to her like that." 

BB: “I can DO whatever I want.”  Oh, really?

Me: “Look lady, I don't know if you've had a bad day, a bad week, a bad month, bad year, you're on the rag or just bad sex but you cannot speak to her like that. She can't tell you to f---- off. But I can. So go f---- off.” 

BB: “How DARE you? (Seriously.  Swear to God.) You can't speak to me like that!”

Me: "Hmmm. (Pause) Seems I just did.” The stuttering started. You know how people get. 

BB: "Just who the hell do you think you are?"

“I think I'm the gal who just told you to f---- off.  You really want to take it out in the parking lot. Fine.  After you.

She flounced out of the store. I heard the elderly woman say sotto voce, "That's telling her."

The manager thanked me afterwards because that lady had caused them no end of problems for 5 years.  FIVE YEARS!!!

 I don't know as I'd do that now so quickly (this was 1994) but as I think about it….I'd probably still do it. It was pivotal because up to that point in my life, I didn't speak up like that.  I would have been too scared.  I would have inwardly seethed perhaps or literally gotten myself out of there.  I don’t know why this time was different but it was.  I guess I’d hit a level of maturity and even confidence that said, “This time I’ll open my mouth. This time I’m going to do something, not think about it afterwards with woulda-shoulda-coulda wistfulness.”

She wasn't crazy. She was rude! Nowadays it seems we equate rude people with crazy people. There is a difference. I’m tired of people getting the “crazy” excuse for what it really is.  Plain, old-fashioned, downright rudeness.

I'm TIRED OF RUDE.  The customer is not always right.  I'm a customer and I've been wrong.  

I hate to quote my mother but you DO get more flies with honey than you do with vinegar.  I've even HAD a crappy day and I've told sales people, "I know it probably isn't you, but I've had a crappy day...."  Etc.   

Again, I hate to quote my mother (because it's a rather old-fashioned quote and hardly PC) but yes, you can always tell a lady or a gentleman by how they treat the help!

And yes, Virginia, she really DID drive a Beemer! Admittedly, there are darling folks who happen to drive Beemers.  She just wasn't one of them.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Albums 1975. When Albums were ALBUMS

My friend Kristina put this one up on Facebook. I'll bite!

"Like this status to be a given a year, and then list your fifteen favorite albums from that year in your own status."

She gave me 1975....
Don't judge me, please!  I bought all these albums with my own money.  

In no particular order:

Then Came You: Dionne Warwick. 
Feelin' Like Making Love: Roberta Flack
Funny Lady: movie soundtrack
I'll play for you: Seals & Crofts
Playing Possum: Carly Simon
The Heat Is On: Isley Brothers
Love Will Keep Us Together: Capt. and Tennille (I know...)
Steppin': Pointer Sisters
Greatest Hits: Cat stevens
Horizon: the Carpenters (I know, I know....)
Love To Love You Baby: Donna Summers
Daryl Hall & John Oates: Hall & Oates
Prisoner In Disguise: Linda Ronstadt
Lazy Afternoon: Barbra Streisand
Tryin' To Get The Feeling: Barry Manilow (I know, ok, I know!)

Cleveland Schools Get A Failing Grade

Duh.  I wonder why.
Teachers rock. They are the heroes.
I think the kids should all have to wear uniforms from K through 12. Black pants and white shirts and black shoes.
I don't believe in passing a failing kid. Let him fail and fail. Screw his self-esteem. When he gets it, that's a win.  That's a boost.  "I got it!"  He needs to learn to WORK!  To think.  To reason.  To READ!!  
I don't believe in excuses for these kids and I, for one, am tired of it.
Other people who had it really crappy upbringings buckled down and learned sh*t.
My dad didn't even speak English when he went into kindergarten. He got kicked out of his house at age 12 by his step-father. He slept on friends' sofas, porches, basements, garages. He graduated from high school, served in WW2, was a Silver Star recipient.  He came home, worked 3 jobs to put himself through college and law school and put food on the table for a wife and kid. (More kids to come!)
I have another friend; much younger. She's about 32 now. She had to leave school at 12 (here in Cleveland) to work to help put food on her family's table. Her dad, a bus driver, was severely disabled, but nobody in that family got assistance. They were dirt poor but kept a clean house and kept that roof over their heads. She got her GED, and now has a PhD. in Psychology. All that while working AND having a seizure disorder.
I have no sympathy for lazy kids with excuses.  "Oh my mother deserted me. I was a crack baby.  My parents were sucky." Etc.
Nobody wants to listen to MY excuses. Why should anyone listen to yours?
Get off your dead asses, put away the damn game controller, pull up your fkg pants, put your d*ck back in its holster, don't have unprotected sex, don't have babies you're going to dump on your parents or (worse) grandparents, have some respect for those teachers and go to school and work to learn.
I'm tired of supporting your lazy, whiny asses.

Turning Fifty?

It sucked.  I won't lie. Turning 50 sucked.

Since I was 51 I got spayed, had two knees surgeries, had my esophagus rebuilt, broke my arm, had elbow surgery, was told I have to wear elbow braces, had nasal and sinus surgery, dislocated 3 fingers in my I Use It (left) hand and forever deformed it. I have had cancer scares. I seen the scale go over 200 pounds. I've gone pretty gray.  I'm post-menopausal. My boobs have started to go south. My physical strength isn't what it used to be. My eyesight hasn't changed, but I seem to need sunglasses more.  I have had to ask for more help.  I've suffered from severe depression and insomnia.

I've lost my job as a professional singer and almost my career.  I lived 18 months without my husband here as he worked out of state, taking care of a house and garden without being able to drive a car and not knowing what the hell I was doing.

I've lost good friends; some to death, some to misunderstandings, some to neglect and anger.

I've re-homed a beloved dog, agonizing about the decision. I've held two others as they were put to sleep within 6 months of each other.

My beloved sister in law, brother in law, uncle and aunt all died, 3 from cancer. My oldest dog died the same week as my sister-in-law.

I've nursed and supported my husband through two back surgeries, two knee replacements, losing his job, a debilitating assault and the stress and emotions as a result all of that.

I've lived with active drug addiction for 4+ years of hell and its aftermath.  I've had items stolen from house, been threatened, etc. I've animals dumped on me to care for.  My closest relationships have been scarred and beaten.

HOWEVER in this decade:

I've become a grandmother (without hatching) and a great-aunt.

I've made some wonderful friends.

I've stood up for what I believe in. I've testified to the Ohio State Judiciary Committee and a room full of people, terrified but not missing a beat.

I have raised and shown a Westminster-qualified champion dog. I've fostered and rescued dogs and cats. Two of our dogs received their Canine Good Citizen titles.

I've seen my writings published and praised nationally and internationally. I've won accolades and one award for my photography.

Just since 2007, I have officially started and completed (walked) 6 half marathons, 20 5Ks, a few 10 milers and a few 10Ks.  As of 8/22/13, since I started keeping records (Jan. 2011) I've walked 535 miles.  This year I have walked 153 miles.

Since I first started keeping records (as of Jan. 2011), I've ridden my bike over 1,339 miles as of this date (8/22/13).  Last year, I rode 553 miles. This year alone, to date, I've ridden over 503 miles.  Prior to this, I don't believe I'd ridden a bike 500 miles in my entire lifetime.

I've raised thousands of dollars for charity.

And I'm still professionally singing. (Thank God!)

I'm 59.


OK, 60, bring it ON!!!

*quit your bitchin'

A Prayer Circle August 22, 2013

Dear God, Father of All, Wisdom Divine….Yahweh, Adonai

Dear Son of God, Jesus, the Great Teacher….

Dear Mother, Divine Love…

Dear Angels especially the great Archangels ~~~
          Ariel: Lion(ess) of God, angel of the animals.
          Raphael: Healer, angel of love, joy and laughter, healer of animals & people
          Uriel: “God Is Light,” angel of vision, instruction, problem solving

Dear Father Sky and Mother Earth, Gaia.  We are your Earth Children, spiritual beings having this human experience…..

Dear Ancestors of all of us. You who have gone before us, back to the Divine.  Our grandmothers and grandfathers, parents, our ancestors.  All who are connected by blood or love of those who come together at this time in love, caring, positive energies and prayers….We ask for your guidance and support.

Dear Universe, Balance, Order, Good Judgment…..

Dear God of My Understanding, My Higher Power....

(That should cover just about everybody….of all faiths….)

Greetings! Welcome, all! 
Breathe deep!
We are come together, in time and space, at this moment to join our circle and clasp our hands and bow our heads in faith, reverence and expectation of All Good. We feel the connectedness of ourselves to others in the circle and the Divine.  We are all brothers and sisters here.
We ask that we be richly blessed and all that we will give out in prayer, energies, and acknowledgments come back to us in awesome, wonderful ways we cannot even comprehend.
We know You hear our prayers.
For what is prayer but seeking to renew our connection with the Divine, within and without?
What is prayer but focus and faith in Something Greater Than Ourselves?
Even though we ask for You to hear us at our time of need, You know You are always with us. We just need to remember this.
Rekindle our faith, trust and intuition.
You are in all forms yet we worship You in these forms…..
And so we begin.

For Krissi.
Tonight as the full moon wanes, we ask for our Sister Krissi, help and aid and strength. We ask that as the moon wanes and becomes dark, that her burdens and cares also wane and be lifted through the Divine who can carry all burdens.  We ask for her to be lifted in light and love.
We ask health, strength, comfort, cooling breezes, lightness for her and her family now and in the future. 
We acknowledge that Your white shield of strength will guard her from all negativity and that the great Archangel Michael stands for her.
We ask that her home be filled with harmony, light and protection. 
We claim knowledge that she and her family (humans and animals) are under the umbrella of Divine Love, harmony and safety.
We claim this for her and in your Name as she is a child of Divine Love, Life, Truth and Abundance.
Selah, Amen, So Mote It Be.
Breathe Deep.

For The Dogs Currently In Our Care.
We ask for all the dogs that have come under Krissi’s care and those of the Rescues Mercy’s Door and New Pawz Families be healed mentally and physically, and blessed in every way. 
We also pray for the cats as well!  (Isis would want us to pray for her children!)
We ask for Your hands of love to help make all these dogs whole. We pray for  understanding that miracles happen every moment of every day and that these precious souls are miracle-worthy.  As are we miracle-worthy.
We ask for your help especially for Pippa and Joplin at this time. 
We pray for all the puppies, so newly born into the human realm. We pray that they be blessed with health, joy, happiness and long lives in peace and harmony. 
We ask that You guide us as to how we can best help all these dogs and all the dogs who have come back to the Rescue. Since You are All Knowing, All Wise, we humbly ask to be shown the way and that our actions and footsteps be guided.  Even if the answer seems humanly negative or blocked, help us to know, without a doubt, that Love Divine is always the answer. 
Please help us to remember that even though God may seem to close a door, a window with blessings will always open.
Selah, Amen, So Mote It Be.
Breathe Deep.

For Those We Cannot Save.
We ask for grace and blessings and ease of passage into the Summerlands, the Rainbow Bridge, gateway to Heaven for all those dogs who cannot humanly or humanely be saved in this physical world.
Please fill us with Your love; help us to not feel as though we have failed these animals.  Love is never wasted even though it meet no return.
We ask for the great Archangel Azrael (who helps souls cross over) to be there for each dear one as they leave this earth.
We pray for humanity and compassion for those who perform this task and we acknowledge that You will bring these qualities to those humans.
As Jesus the Teacher so loved the little children, He too loves those dogs in need of safe passage.
Selah, Amen, So Mote It Be.
Breathe Deep.

For Homes.
We know that You are the Divine Matchmaker and you will bring dogs and humans together quickly, effectively and easily.
We pray and acknowledge positive and efficient networking on all levels, reaching beyond even our human comprehensive.  You are the Great Communicator!
We acknowledge and praise You because You have a perfect home and families for each and every dog now in our care and every dog that may come to us in the future.
We ask that the path be easy and clear for those homes to find each dog. We pray that any seeming obstacles be swept away, easily and completely. We pray and acknowledge that You are greater than any obstacle if that is the right home for that dog.
We pray for and acknowledge that through your Grace, that each home will be filled with harmony, peace and joy for all who dwell within: humans and animals alike. We pray to make manifest the paintings and pictures we have seen of saints and angels with all the animals gathered around them in harmony.  We acknowledge that through your guidance, this visual image can and will be manifested in these homes.
We ask for clarity, insight and good judgment as we review these homes and the people within them.  We know that You will guide our minds and hearts; that our intuitions will be clear and bright since You are the author of Wisdom, Love and Intuition.
We pray and acknowledge that the adopters will seek Your Wisdom and the wisdom of kind, compassionate, loving humans, vets, professionals and trainers.
We pray and acknowledge that Your Love will manifest itself in these dogs and their families, making their transition stress-free and easy. 
We pray and acknowledge that You will heal any anxiety in both humans and dogs.  Since You are everywhere, we know that Your healing hands will be with the dog since s/he too is never separate from Love.
We pray and acknowledge that every dog will be a blessing and a blessed member of the family for all of its life.
We pray and acknowledge that they will always treat, train and incorporate the dog in to their lives with patience, love and humanity for all the dog’s life. 
We pray and acknowledge that ALL of the homes for our dogs be their forever homes as Your love for us is never-ending.
Selah, Amen, So Mote It Be.
Breath Deep.

For Fosters.
We pray for all the foster parents, now and in the future.  We ask that as they have opened their homes and hearts, you will fill both with your Light and blessings.
We pray and acknowledge that more foster homes and families that we have need of will open up to us. We pray and acknowledge that You are providing an abundance of foster homes!
We pray for puppy caretakers and fosters.  We acknowledge that you will grant them patience, laughter, love, harmony and ease of house-training. And an abundance of newspapers and food.
We pray and acknowledge that Divine Love be present in each foster home and manifest Itself in harmony, peace, calm and joy.
We pray for the fosters to be able to release their foster dogs to their new homes with love and joy, knowing that they will always be a part of that dog’s heart.
Selah, Amen, So Mote It Be.
Breathe Deep.

For Abundance & Material Benefits.
We pray for and acknowledge Your Abundance and we will see it made manifest in the material realm for Krissi, her family, all the fosters, the kind trainers and all the dogs.
Abundance isn’t just on its way; it’s already here.  Open our hearts, arms and minds to it.
We pray that as each one of these gives of their time and talents that you will bless them hundred-fold in all ways: health, money, gifts of all kinds.
We pray to know that Abundance is ever-present and never ending as You are Infinite. We pray for freedom from chattering, limiting, negative talk and minds.
Selah, Amen, So Mote It Be.
Breathe Deep.

For Tolerance.
We pray to educate wisely: that all who hear our words will be moved and their minds will be opened. As You are Divine Truth, give us the words to speak. 
We pray that all those who hate and fear be flooded with Love and shown the clarity of tolerance, fairness and humanity. Open their minds to this thought: "Judge not, lest ye be judged."
We pray for the abusers, murderers and dog fighters, all those who have tumbled, walked or ran into the miasma of ignorance, hate and greed that Your blazing swords of Truth will pierce their minds and blaze through to their real hearts and open them to the Light Divine.  
We pray for the hoarders and their victims. 
We pray for the children of cruelty; that their eyes will be opened. We pray that through their pure hearts they will bring positive change to their families, friends, and communities.
Great Redeemer, we acknowledge your ability to turn even the most evil, hardened soul.
We acknowledge that the Wheel of Karma is in place.  
We pray that those who wander in fear and darkness find the light of Love and Compassion. 
We pray that all who love animals, especially those who love dogs of all kinds and breeds manifest harmony, kindness, joy, love and a spirit of cooperation towards each other.
We pray for strength, compassion and justice for all those involved in the human law arena: police, humane officers, lawyers and judges. 
We pray for human laws of fairness and compassion and tolerance towards animals to be made manifest in all communities throughout the world.
Selah, Amen, So Mote It Be.

In Closing.
We know, unerringly, that you have heard our prayers and that all of us, human and animals, are sheltered under your Wings.  We thank you for this opportunity to come together in brotherhood and sisterhood for we are all part of You and each other. As we came in peace, love and expectation, so we close our circle and raise our heads in praise and thanks.  Even though we are not physically together, our spirits have joined together.

The circle is ended but not unbroken. Go in peace.

We just thank You, no matter what we call You. Hail and farewell!

Blessed Be, Amen

(Written by Mia Hess with a whole bunch of “divine inspiration.” Seriously. No B.S.
Thank you, Great One, for working through my hands and heart.
I am but the tool, You are the craftsman.
I know that anyone who wishes to use this will be kind and truthful enough to ask me if they may share.)

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

WDW: The Adventure Continues T Minus 15 Days and Counting....

Theater Friends and Musicals Fan you'll love this. 

I'm on the phone to The Mouse (WDW) this morning, gathering yet even more information.  Traveling to Disney is very overwhelming.  There is a ton of stuff to process!  You have NO idea.  It's headache inducing at times. I have notes attached to notes attached my little booklet they sent me in the beginning of The Disney "Experience."

"Hi this S...(I didn't quite get his name) how can I make your day magical?" (They almost ALL say this, by the way.)

"Hi there!  Wait....  Did you say your name is Seth? Wait....Do you know a Jamie Hoffman?"  (The bride to be.  Her friend Seth works at The Mouse.)

"No, my name isn't Seth it's Sutton actually."

"Sutton? Sutton as in Sutton Foster?" (Broadway musical star)

"Why yeeees!!!!!"  (The "yeeees" ran up a few musical scales.)

And we're off to the races, LOL!!!  He was very helpful but I think I scored a few points by knowing who the hell Sutton Foster is/was. 

Saturday, August 10, 2013

I May Be Cheap But I'm Not Free

Number 19!!!!!!!!!! 25 Situations Only Non-Profit People Get If you ONLY knew how many places want me to donate my singing, and "Oh, yes, you'll pay for your accompanist, right?" Right. So, wait, let me get this straight. I have to actually PAY money (about $150) to donate to your cause? And haul the equipment and set up etc. etc. Maybe I'll do it once a year AND I have to really believe in the cause. But oh, I've had a bunch call me up. It starts with sweet someone trying to get into my Vocal Panties and it goes downhill from there. "So and so says you're a WONDERFUL singer..." And then they're insulted when I say "No." And when I suggest that they themselves underwrite me, as a donation to the cause? There is that gasp. They wouldn't actually HIRE me but they want me to do it for free? And to top it all off, they treat you and your fellow musician(s) like crap, b*tch about how all you play is "that old sh*t" (hey, you KNEW from the get-go I'm a Standards singer) and don't even feed you.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Men Wanted

One Person's Experience With Cesar Millan

Good article, thank you to my friend for sharing.

I think something that NO ONE ever mentions is CM seems to be particularly appealing for men.

I am NOT dissing men (I'm married to a wonderful one) but I have heard of so many folks who have a "ruined" dog because their male partner watched Cesar and it "just made sense."

What positive training needs DESPERATELY are more MALE voices out there, posting, holding seminars (yes, I know about Ian Dunbar...), appealing to men and how a lot of men's brains work: goal oriented, needs to be fixed NOW!

Most of the AP trainers out there are WOMEN! In my area, I can't think of one guy.  Lots of fabulous women of course.

Clicker training, all-positives, Anti-Cesar...however you want to phrase it....needs more MALE voices.

Maybe if more clicker classes. seminars came with beer, BBQ and brauts and a guy saying and showing this is all going to work...we'd not see events like that being clustered with females.

Ladies with dogs/cats/horses etc. have you EVER tried to get your Significant Male Other to attend a clicker/All-Positive class or a seminar?

"Dr. Sophia Who???  What the hell....uh....Honey, I'll pay for you, YOU go. I'm going golfing/sailing/gaming/hunting/gardening/lawn-mowing/doing-nothing-in-it's most-violent-form."

And if we had more guys attending, training etc. AP it would be more (eeek....I'm using one of those CM words) balanced, wouldn't it?

Sunday, August 4, 2013

A Rose By Any Other Name: Owner or Guardain

Animal Owner vs. Animal Guardian:

No offense, and bless you all, but I am so damn tired of the whole PC thing, whether it's animals or people. No, they are not "property" and all that but instead of getting all hung on nomenclature, let's just education people, foster low or no cost spay-neuter and vacs clinics, help animals, raise awareness, be kind, teach kids, report and punish dog fighting rings etc etc. etc.

People get hung up on "correct" phraseology and then get all honked off if you say it wrong.  How about just DOING good stuff instead of worrying about how in the hell you say it.

Besides, my cat OWNS me, he is not my Guardian!

Fiction From A Picture: Ships Of The Desert

Ships Of The Desert
©Mia Knerly-Hess, All Rights Reserved

Marvin had the map, old and faded, from his grandfather's journals. He knew the coordinates of the Betsy Ann and the Maude.  Determined to visit the place that so haunted his beloved grandfather, of lives and cargo lost, he trekked across the vast, featureless plains.

"How can this be?" he thought.  "There's no water here.  Could Dushka have been wrong all those years ago?"

Marvin had checked and re-checked with his GPS and mapped at night by starlight and compass, the winds yowling around him on the cold, lonely plains. For years, he'd been honing his mapping skills for just this journey. From Cub Scout to Star Scout, summers spent at an Outward Bound school, classes and courses, survival camps and those four years in the Corps, just for this moment.

"I'm too old for this," he sighed time and time again.  Fifty, graying, slightly stooped shoulders from that accident years ago and now marching across the vast nothingness with skies so big they overwhelmed him at times.  The winds, howling and crying, often tearing his mind apart until unbidden streams of emotion fell down his face. Or quiet so still he heard his own heart and the land's heart beating throughout his body and being.

Finally in the distance, a shadowed hump arose out of the flattened scrub grass of the Kazakhstan steppe.

"I'm seeing things again," he chided himself as he raised his binoculars to his blue eyes. No, it was a shape, man-made, jutting blackened above the great plain.  The dull sky didn't give him any details but his feet surged him forward with renewed energy. Details began to emerge; the bow, the wheelhouse.

"This HAS to be it! Dushka was right, they're still here!"  He had found his grandfather's ships just as the sun broke through the clouds, throwing every detail into crystalline focus.

He just wasn't prepared for the camels.
Photographer Not Known

Story by Mia Knerly-Hess
Copyright ©2013
All rights reserved

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Never A Dull Moment! (Aug. 2013)

From the Never A Dull Moment files:
I was at an adoption event in Orville, Ohio for some LOVELY dogs and was taking a break outside the pet shop where the event was held.
Suddenly, there were two little dogs (about the size of Jack Russel) one white and one black running loose!  And scared, especially the black one who OBVIOUSLY had babies as her poor bags were almost to the ground.
Luckily for those 2 little dogs there were a ton of people who A) do rescue B) train dogs and/or C) know a lot about dogs!  I had a pocket of freeze dried litter (which by the way I never carry...have to get some of that dog-crack), and began tearing pieces and tossing them to the little dogs while sitting on the ground.  The white one was in my lap almost immediately, grabbing at the food.  The black one was much more skittish, poor baby. Eventually she too came up.  Both dogs ate the liver like they hadn't eaten in DAYS!
My trainer friend, Jennifer got loop leads around them and someone had called the police, who came very quickly.  (Small town)
Yes, someone had reported their dogs missing!
The little dogs wouldn't get into the back of the squad car so I did, urging them with treats.
Kelsey has the incriminating evidence of me in the back of a squad car. (LOL, not the first time although i don't ever remember hard plastic seats....).
Everyone was so on their game, quiet, calm yet with a sense of urgency and helpfulness. the cop seemed nice actually.
I hope those little dogs are OK, poor darlings.
I'm kind of surprised that all my "training" over the years kicked in immediately but I sure am glad I wasn't by myself!
Not by a long shot.
Merely one of the players.
It was actually one of "those moments" when you do darn near everything right and you kind of feel proud of yourself!