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Monday, August 26, 2013

Feeling Stupid & Sh***y. Literally.

From the "Stupid, Nobody Really Gives a Snot-Blowing Royal Rip But n A Weird Way You Feel Better Posting It On Your Wall" Inane FB Post Category:

Don't you hate it when you have a big event approaching or a lot to do you and you don't feel well. And then you feel like an idiot because you've completely stressed yourself out and now you feel crappy AND stupid???  Arrgggh!

Actually what's stressing me out the most is that it is highly likely that it's going to be hot AND humid where we're going (WDW) and I'm so scared that I'll be too hot to do any of the myriad cool, fun things there are to do!  I'm freaking out because about 25 years I got heat stroke at an air show and it was simply awful.

And then to add to my stupidity I keep reading stuff on "How to stay cool" on the internet and how hot and miserable it can be at WDW....stupid, stupid, stupid......
Trolling the internet like some hypochondriac.

Who wants to spend a zillion dollars on a vacation and be stuck in your hotel or in the shade by the pool?  Heck, I can do that here.

How stupid can I be???  Pretty damn stupid apparently.

Hating myself right about now because it's all my own damn fault. Where the mind is, so goes your guts. I wish I'd quit pooping myself. It's getting old as hell.

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