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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The "A" Debate. Again.

A question was asked:
 If you believe we all have a soul, and an abortion occurs, what happens to the soul of the unborn baby?

A man replied:
The soul of the unborn baby will go to heaven, the soul of the killer will go to hell.Plain and simple.

I do not mean to cast stones at anybody's religious beliefs but Horse-sh*t!  I do not believe in Hell.

I have lived through various stages of "purgatory" in my human existence. If you've gone through chemo or radiation, severe illness, chronic. never-ending have experienced Hell. Alzheimer's is living Hell.

That being said.....All souls' go into Spirit, God, The Divine, from where they came.  If the embryo is absorbed, that it a natural abortion; it is still part of God.  The soul rejoins Divine Love, it wasn't its time to have an earthy experience. If a pregnant woman is injured, molested, shot, almost killed and she aborts, the entity of the unborn still goes back to The One. If a woman is raped, and choose, as is her RIGHT, that unborn will rejoin The Divine.  It is my RIGHT to make that choice.

A man can never know never, ever, in a million years, what that decision is like.  Never.  It is a gross presumption to think that someone who cannot get pregnant could comprehend that.  Never.

We are all spiritual beings having a human experience.  Some of us will have a long one, many decades, some of us will only have a matter of days or hours in finite form.  We are part of The Divine.

I know Ishmael: God within, God without.  My soul is prepared, how's yours?

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Artie's Afternoon, October 2012

Elke: Busy day!  I stayed home, watching my, uh...the HOUSE and Brat Boy left me, the little creep, and went somewhere in the car with Mom and Dad....

Artie: I threw up in my crate....

Elke: This makes me feel so much better....

Artie: We got to the hiking place, and my doggie "cousins", Oreo and McKinley

and my friend Duds were there!  Wheeee!  We ran in the wood and Duds found some really cool smelly dead stuff!  Mom wouldn't let me go over there!  I went swimming too, got really wet and shook all over Mom.

Elke: I'll give you that, Ace, good job! I'd have done the same thing myself.....

Artie: Then after a long walk we went to Oreo's house and I started to teach my one doggie friend how to play!  Duds was funny, he stuck his head in the doggie food bag!!  And his mommy said something so funny that Mom almost fell off her chair!  His mom is very cool! I'm exhausted!
Artie Blue Oct. 20, 2012

Elke: Yeah, and you smell funny too!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Back Up, Back Up.....

WE Have Been Warned

This is why you don't go to internet phone, live completely through your cell phone ("my life is on that thing") and you should have one phone in your residence that is a real phone, plugged into the wall, not wireless!  We've had brown-out before in the Northeast Ohio area, the East Coast has had black--outs.  There are hurricanes and tornadoes. If you live in a rural area, you can be without power for days!

 Do you know how to look up stuff in the library without a computer?

Can you do basic math in your head or on a piece of paper?

Can you add a sale up and figure the sales taxes? Without a calculator?

Do you have a hard copy of all your email addresses and contacts in your phone?

If the web and cell towers go down, we "over 45s" will rule the world because we're the only ones who were taught this stuff in school!

ALWAYS have a back up, hard copy of important stuff like contacts. Get an address book.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

A Blessing

So often we see, hear and experience cruelty, injustice and unkindness in our own lives, never mind around us.

It is enough to make a sane soul jaded and embittered.

Never let it be said that small miracles do not happen.

I never in a million YEARS would have expected, more than a decade later, to find kindness, redemption, the truth about a very painful episode in my life and an apology (quite unnecessary, truly, but gratefully and humbly accepted.) Thank you!

I can only pray that I will prove worthy and that the creative Light will shine through me so that I may perform to the best (and beyond) of my ability.

I must have done something good at some point, for the good stuff came back ten-fold today with the words I received.

As I reflected on what I had heard, I got teary!

Blessings to all, esp. the person who gave me this gift.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

I Can't Make This Stuff Up #467

This is very frightening. Why do people say these cruel things?  Your God must be horrible.

Mine is Divine Love.

I always figured no human knows what or how long a day to God may be......

What does it matter how we got here?


It's how we live our lives now, how we become beings of light, how we have our unfolded human experience, how we express Good (or God) if you will.

I don't think evolution negates creationism at all. Somewhere, in the great beyond, in times beyond counting and conception, there was Light created.

My God is Love, what's yours, Paul?

Kelly Ripa and Pit Bulls?

To Kelly Ripa and all fans of her show. 

(And yes, I posted this on the LIVE Facebook page but no doubt it'll get yanked.)

Ms. Ripa: You should not make blanket comments about pit bulls (or even that type of dog). It shows a blatant ignorance and an assumption on your part of biased, quasi-education. 

Should we say the same thing about blondes, your appearance or your intelligence, you'd be rather angry, hurt, disappointed, wouldn't you? Perhaps not, as by your comments, it's highly doubtful as to whether you possess any of the virtues of basic intellect but rather an alarmist, punt-kick attitude towards dog related things of which you could not possibly have any reasonable knowledge.

In other words, Ms. Ripa, you be needin' some educatin'!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Love, (Same Sex) Marriage and The Timeline

I got this in the mail yesterday.  Another piece of political B.S.  I almost threw it away but something caught my eye.  The word Marriage.

Now I am married to a wonderful guy, The Spousal Unit. And I don't normally get too steamed up about Politics, which frankly bore the brains out of me.

But this one frosted my carcass, being a supporter of Marriage in general and Same Sex Marriage in particular.

I am NOT a fan or supporter of Polygamy, mind you, because it's just not fair.  Until I, as a woman, can have multiple husbands I don't think a man should be able to have multiple wives. In this case, what works for the gander should apply to the goose!

I am an advocate for Marriage and commitment whether its George and Gracie, George and Benny or Gracie and Maude.

I read this and pondered the unanswerable. How, pray tell, do "they" know opposite sex marriage has been around for 5,000 years? Exactly 5,000.

I mean, really, seriously, how in the hell do they know that?  Maybe it's 6,000 or 10,000 or 3,500 years. Maybe it's 4,892 years.

Really, how in the hell do they honestly know?  And isn't one person "marriage" another person's hand-fasting or "sealing the deal?"  Until quite recently, a marriage was a business deal.  Or if you were a woman, a way to get out of your family's house. In many cultures and countries, marriages are still arranged!

"I give you one field, four cows and a bunch of pelts.  In exchange you give me your daughter for my son.  Ugh-wat...."

"I shall give you the province of Anjou along with lands, revenues and titles and you, in turn, shall wed my daughter.  You in turn, for this great honour, shall give me land rights in the following counties...." Etc.

"I, an impoverished European noble, really need some money to maintain my family's estates.  You are one step away from Scottish trash who lived in stone huts but you have money.  I need money.  Therefore, your daughter or son will marry into one of the oldest, most noble houses complete with title which will legitimize your robber baron ways and make you socially acceptable in the highest circles. Plus we're really inbred and there's that whole hemophilia thing.  Deal? Deal!"

"After consulting the horoscopes of both parties, and making arrangements for bride price, jewels rtc. we have decided, as the parents, through a matchmaker, that these two people should wed.  Week-long party at my house.  You bring the elephant. Oh, yes, we might let them meet before the ceremony.  How modern of us!"

So this Love and Marriage thing is pretty new!  Seeing that it is a more modern concept, let's be really modern and crazy and let two people in love get married no matter what their sex may be.

Five thousand year institution?  Really?  Where did you come up with that number; out of a hat, Bullwinkle?

Monday, October 1, 2012

A Note To Animal Activists & Advocates

In recent days, we've seen the investigation of the Ohio SPCA into yet another Puppy Mill run by (no surprises) by the Amish. People who care about animals are lauding this as a good thing and it is.  Again, it has thrust the ugly reality of Puppy Mills into the limelight where it belongs.

"Another horrible Puppy Mill!!  We need to get those breeders and shut them down!" cry the animals activists and advocates!

All right, enough. You are all pissing me off.

Stop calling them BREEDERS. 

I'm going to publicly bitch-slap the next person who calls these heathens "breeders."

"Breeding is bad!  Breeders are bad!  Breeders need to regulated!  We need to stop Breeders! There are X millions of animals in shelter because of Breeders!"

By using the term "Breeder", you are being small-minded, defamatory, insulting and plain ignorant. How dare you? Those people are not BREEDERS and every one of you needs to stop using that term.  Call it what it is: Milling. They are Milling (or if you can't seem to use that term....) at the very least it's "farming" companion animals.  Not appealing but there it is.

I'll even coin a new term so you can stop using the word Breeder and eradicate it from your Advocacy Vocabulary.

It is Animal Profiteering. Say it with me, folks.

Animal Profiteering!

Very good! It's a lot more harsh sounding than "breeding", isn't it?

Whether it's Mr. Yoder the puppy miller or Joe Schlabottnik down this street who's looking for a quick buck on his Rottweiler bitch, it's Profiteering. I'll lump them with Mrs. Whitebread who thinks Junior should witness "the miracle of birth." It's not about raising animals for consumption, which technically is Animal Husbandry.

It's all about the pay-off, plain and simple.  It's Profiteering.

Animal Activists think the answer to the appalling over-population of companion animals in shelters all across the country is to Ban Breeding. Great idea in THEORY. We've seen how well that worked with Gun Control and the War On Drugs. It's an extremist knee-jerk reaction that punishes legitimate, caring individuals who truly care about animals, especially pet animals.

Before you go off on your high horse and vilify and abolish all Breeders, think about what you are saying and who exactly you are defaming. Most the Activists and Advocates that I know have no clue.  Many of them are animals lovers, period.  All they can see is that "too many litters of animals, even more animals, the suffering of animal due to overpopulation" is a Bad Thing.  It is. There are too many unwanted animals dying every day. Lest you forget, I too, am an Animal Advocate.

Breeders are not the Activists' or Advocates' problem.

Read that again.

Breeders are not the Activists' or Advocates' problem. They aren't even close to being the cause. I don't care how far down you filter that. "Well, we wouldn't have this problem if Hanice Smith hadn't decided to breed a Bull Terrier litter in 1953." Or 2003. They are not the Enemy! Ninety-nine percent of the time, they are your allies.  The other one percent are neutral.

A Breeder plans their first (or next) litter more carefully than most people plan a pregnancy.  Humans seem to reproduce without careful thought. The Breeder considers health, type, temperament, quality, cost, vet care, the timing and expense of pre- and post-natal care, raising of the babies and whether or not they have more than enough good owners lined up for each and every little one who will be born.  The owner of the stud or female are very fussy about the potential mate. They pick potential owners with the thorough thought that this is a long term relationship. Animal to Owner and Breeder to Owner.  Many breeders turn down potential Owners because they don't want to associate with that person for the next 10-20 years. They are with the new owner throughout that puppy/kitten/foal's lifetime and grieve for each one of their "grandchildren" through ill-health, old age and death. I still hear from the husband of a dog I owned and his wife (the Breeder) is deceased.

Breeders have an overwhelming tendency to police themselves and each other.  I have been advised who to NOT get a dog from on several occasions.

Breeders (often silently) help unwanted animals by fostering, housing, volunteering, transporting, educating and training animals in need. They donate their money, time, expertise and needed items.  They advocate for humane treatment and lobby against breed banning. For example, a Canadian dog Breeder I know campaigns heavily against horse slaughter. More Breeders than I care to mention have raised mix-breed or orphaned babies, giving them to the same love, care and socialization as they would the litter they planned for years.  Breeders often foster and rehabilitate rescued animals, an area of animal advocacy crying daily for more help.

Messers Yoder, Schlabottnik and Mrs. Whitebread don't give two shits about any of that.

So get off your morally high horse and stop calling these profiteers Breeders.  They're not and if you knew just one Breeder of cats, dogs, ferrets, horses (whatever) you would never, ever lump them with Millers or Profiteers.

By the way, I have never (to date) bred a litter.  Nor do I have any intention to do so, as of this date. The only litter I have ever had was a stray cat who showed up pregnant and starving on my doorstep.  Should I ever decide to breed a litter, I will give it far more thought than some human deciding to hatch, believe me.