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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Our Show's Press Release

Our Press Release by Al Klesh

For Sentimental Reasons
A nostalgic journey down memory lane will grace the boards of Western Reserve Playhouse for a one night only musical benefit for the theater.

What:  Fourth Annual Western Reserve Playhouse Benefit
When:  Saturday August 29th at 8pm
Where:  Western Reserve Playhouse 3316 Everett Road Richfield, Ohio
Cost:  All tickets $20 which includes food, wine, fun and a 50/50 raffle
Tickets:  For reservations call 330-659-6444

For Sentimental Reasons is the creation of song stylist/actress Mia Hess.  Based upon her personal collection of over 1000 pieces of sheet music, she has put together an evening of musical selections that will share with the audience the glory, emotions, beauty and joy of the Great American Songbook.  Performing alongside Ms. Hess will be talented vocalist/actor Alan Klesh and equally talented musicians Leo Spishak and Martin Hess.  The evening also promises a surprise guest performer.  If you enjoyed last year's benefit My Mother's Eyes, you will surely enjoy For Sentimental Reasons.  If you missed it, come this year and be a part of a memorable evening of musical entertainment.

Tickets are available now by calling 330-659-6444

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Adam & Even: A Query

A friend of mine posted this query: If Adam and Eve were the first humans then study the painting here and come to your conclusion and tell me what ain't quite right here, I know but do you?. Every painting I'v'e ever seen of them is the same. I have always wondered about this but never expressed it until now. :-) And I had what can only be categorized as a Marty Hess​ moment: I see belly buttons and why do both of them have leaves on their nether regions??? Maybe the Creator had just made the platypus and thought, "Wow, what can I do next? Hmmm....let me see.....the great ape thing worked out pretty well but man, the hair thing..... Hmmmm.....humanoids....yes, that...." Then S/He had a Bob Ross moment and said "Happy little spot...rrrrright there!" Thus the belly button. Just sayin'