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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

All We Have To Fear IS Fear Itself

Thank you, FDR.  That quote stands even more vibrantly today than even ten years ago.  We are the most informed yet terrified folks that have ever lived on our blue planet.  Revisit Billy Joel's wonderful song We Didn't Start The Fire and just substitute a few phrases.  Still relevant.

The Internet is a wonderful place to visit but I do not want to live there.  It is the fierce dragon in our lives; it connect us in ways unimaginable as it soars through our lives; it is magnificent, beautiful and dangerous. It can kill your courage, your reason.  It can numb you. It can easily feed our fears --- bad dogs, child molesters everywhere,  government conspiracies, the vaccination controversy, unsafe water, global warming.  You can find a website, blog, link, video to validate your greatest fears.  We think the Magic Box is the Be All & End All. If it's on the web, it must be right.  (It used to be TV!).

I want to use the Dragon.  I want to bask in the warmth of his fire, and fly on his back to places I've never been and may never go in my lifetime. But I have to be conscious, to know when it's time to walk away from his cave, or climb off his back and connect.  With Mother Earth, the Great Spirit (God, if you will), the touch of a human's hand, the feel of my dog's fur, the vibration of my cat's purr.  No matter how funny that YouTube video is it's nothing compared to shared laughter with a friend.  No matter how compelling that website is about how you shouldn't let your kid go outside because s/he may get nabbed by some weirdo, maybe s/he needs to scrape her/his knees and learn about people by being with them.

I see so many people being so afraid.  If I take this, drink this, go there I'm going to die.  That's the bottom line.  Well, yes, you might.  However, you will pass from this mortal coil eventually.  And yes, conscienceless lunacy is not an excuse.  "Hey y'all --- watch THIS!" should not be your optimal last words.

While I do think that The Powers That Be want people afraid, this is NOT a new thing.  Fear has always been a way to control The Huddled Masses. If you don't bring offerings to the tree gods, your crop is going to die; tithe to the church, you're going to hell; buy this cleaner, you are bad housewife; etc. It goes on and on.  I see the Dragon and he's big and huge and he looks so smart and powerful.

Here is a secret I've learned.  As the Dragon is flesh, bones, fire and yes, a little magic --- the Internet is just what people, human being just like you and me have put into it.  You can let it serve you, or you can serve it. If you give into fear, you are serving it.

And if you live in fear, your not living much at all.  You are living in the past or in some nebulous future.

I want to live the rest of my life. How about you?

What I Noticed About Facebook

Let me start by saying I really like FB.  I'm not AS "addicted" as many people are, but i do check it daily and I really like seeing my Friends' pictures and hearing about the stuff going on with them, as trivial and often banal as it can be.  I even get Messages on my phone (I turn that on and off.)

I would still much rather talk in one of these conventional ways:

(No. 1) face to face
(No. 2) on the phone or (the unconventional)
(No. 3) via Skype

However I can hear how friends are doing, especially if they've been sick or have suffered a loss or have a joyous occasion -- a baby, a wedding or new pet! I can Message them and IM them as well.  FB IM kinds of sucks but it's OK for what it is.   FB is also wonderful for "spreading the word." Hey, here's a dog for adopting, here's info about the play I'm in.  Etc.

Things I've noticed about FB:

A) You don't always get posting from every Friend on your list, what's up with that?  I know it has something to do with Settings but hell, those folks are my FB Friends and yeah, I want to see what they've posted.

B) I am rather astounded at the people who have Friended me.  And the people who have not.  I'm am also amazed that I have FB friends who live in Europe and Australia.  I'm happy that (as a result of FB) I am part of a RunKeeper "street team" consisting of two ladies, one from Sweden and one from "Oz."

C) Here is big thing I've noticed....your FB Friends share a commonality with you.  They either share the Family Tie or you have things in common: work, hobbies, pets, etc.  But in almost all cases, you are on the same bandwagon.  That can be good, or it can be very limiting.

For example: I don't think there should be a bias against any dog breed.  "Punish the deed, not the breed." If that (bias) were the case, I'd be posting stuff like, "Little dogs are nasty little buggers" based on my been severely bitten by a few in my lifetime.  Ergo, most of my FB Friends are of like mind, about PTD- NTB thing.  Not about the Little Dog thing of course!  So are the Groups that I subscribe to.

Bearing that in mind, what I have noticed is: some people get into Over-Posting A Point Of View.

The Daily Same Old Post Subject.  for example: Here's yet another reason why Aquarian Men Are Scum (AMAS).  (BTW, they aren't.) And of course since the comment threads they receive are from Friends (almost all of whom share the poster's common opinion), you get the "yeah, you go, you're so right!" stuff all the time. I do get tired of seeing the Daily "AMAS" link, justifying yet again your point of view. OK, all right, already, We Get It. You think AMAS!!! I could do that every d--n day about Pit Bull Prejudice, for example.

If you want to justify your opinion. I think you should either Blog about it, or join a Group but perhaps, just for the sake of beating your platform "horse" to death on FB, you should set up a FB group: Air-Sign Men Are Scum.  Then your Friends who are of like mind can go there and you can merrily bash and rant about all the Geminis, Librans and Aquarians males out there!

I, for one, don't mind a good debate (was part of an awesome thread about a t-shirt saying recently).  But what attracts most people to FB is your pictures of your new baby, dog, the dolphins you saw in the ocean, how you/your kids/your family are doing, a funny/interesting video, a song you rediscovered, how to help Joplin, Missouri, etc.  And yes, even an occasional Rant!

Friday, May 27, 2011

I Love My Brother

It's my birthday (the 24th of May) and I'm on the phone with my brother.

Him: "How old are you now?" I tell him. "How is it possible that you are now older than me?"

Me: "I don't know how that happened. Does this mean that I'm older than Our Sister too?"

Him: "Yes, yes, (pause) I guess it does."

Me: "Well if I'm older than you guys that means finally that you have to listen to what I say. I'm your Elder now."

Him: "Well....(dramatic pause).....  You know (sigh), it's so different today.  Kids today, they don't respect their elders anymore.  So, that would"

(Sh*t, he's been doing The Law thing way too long.)

I love my brother.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Today's Gifts

I'm such a lucky lady.  On my birthday, got some great cards (including a really really, nice. sweet, mushy one from my hub), a Nook (!!!! -- far out), a cool bag from my sister, a Livestrong top form my brother and looks at these gifts from The Great Goddess, Mother Nature.  I'm particularly thrilled with the dogwood, as Marty planted it last year.  It's bloomin', mate!

Add a late lunch at Gasoline Alley with my sweetie, pretty good medical reports (I'm very flexible for someone with neck stuff --- long story), AND, so far, NO RAIN!!!! I am truly blessed!  But mostly by my wonderful family and dear friends!

Although, I must say, the Nook is pretty damn cool......

Monday, May 9, 2011


(Banging my head against the wall....)

How can 3 damn sore fingers and a sore damn shoulder tire me out so much?  Physical Therapy equals frustration. More damn tests and joy, of joys a MRI this Thursday. This week is filled with PT and damn doctors.  The sinus surgeon guy is Wednesday (about damn time) and they'll probably find of sh*t loads of nothing.  Which actually is way better than Something.  Or worse, Something Awful.

Last weekend's (April 30th-May 2nd) Depression was finding out I never got registered for the Cleveland Marathon.  Bugger, bugger, bugger, f-word, f-word, f-word me with a f-word chicken.....Cried with anger and frustartion.  Goes to show: never try to cheap it out.  Just pay your damn entry fee and screw raising money for ACS.

You got to love Brothers. "Want my advice?" Yes. "How many more hints do you need that maybe you're not supposed to do it this year?  There are plenty of other races out there...."  OK, fine.  But tell me how you get over the Failure Factor?  I know I need to move to stay fit and I'm haven't been.  Walking is hard.  WALKING, for God's sake. I'm just so pooped.  Pain is tiring.  Come on, it's just pain, aching crap. WTH.  Apparently it can be tiring.

Marty (another Male Relative) says it's my body healing.  Well, I wish it would hurry the h--ll up.

Good news: the mobility is better in the fingers.  I can almost type with all fingers, so that's great.  Tons of mistakes, many of which really need to be on damnyouautocorrect.  :-)

 And I've had 3 paying gigs in the last 2 weeks, that is awesome!!!  One very unexpected; a puppet show with J. V.  I have to admit we're a pretty good team.  He can serve them as hard as he wants but I will almost always be ready for a good volley back and forth. And I know that the puppets (him really) are the deserved stars. The play seems to be going well; a lot of talented folks are working on this show. Nice to be back on the boards.  I've been doing a lot of presentations for the Humane Society too, interesting.  Lots of little Girl Scouts. My demo puppy, Tucker, got adopted.  I'm going to miss that little guy, loved him. I hope he got a great home.

And the sun is finally SHINING.  About d---n time.  So, yes, there are parts of life that are very good. I heard recently any day you wake up is a good day.  So they are all good!  And yet, I'm frustrated that I have to basically start over from almost Square One, physically. Part of me is wallowing, the other part is saying Get. Over. Yourself.