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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Last Dragon's Blood Aftermath

I haven't blogged about the "c" thing for a while, but oh, this last one....after I was off the predisone....kicked my ass.  I wrote on Facebook.....

Dec. 16, 2014

"For the last few days, I've been wracking my brain trying to think of someone I personally know and would wish this c crap on.....and......nope, I don't think I dislike/hate anyone THAT much. 

This too shall pass. But for now, this last dragon's's kicking my arse! Literally and figuratively. Being trapped in the house is not fun. 

I've also been trying to figure out what the "lesson" is with this whole mess. 

The upside is people have been amazing and if I ask for help, they seem more than willing to help. So grateful for that."

A friend, Peg, wrote this......and I wanted to hang on to it......

Why does there have to be a lesson.....something to learn? Some go so far as to say God wants your attention....or here's another lie....God must be punishing you with sickness....Oh how great religion can comforting....yes that is my sarcastic voice speaking. I believe life is life....just exactly God is in every moment we breathe in and out....He is in every moment, hear all our moments His life lives in us and His life will continue on in us when we no longer take in breath. your quiet time of reflection....just let Him tell YOU all about it. He will ya know! Love and Hugs..

Disney Cruise Pt. 1

I may the oldest, meanest, baldest, wig-wearing-est, chubbiest-armed broad to ever don a strapless, "princess" type dress but I'm going on a damn Disney cruise in January and I'm going to try like hell to rock it!!!  I may even wear my damn tiara.....LOL!

So watch our Belle, Elsa, Cinderella, and Ariel!!! Here comes the Old Princess!!!

As long as my undergarments don't start singing, "Let It Go," I think we're going to have a smashing time!

Brought To You By The Letter S

Today's strange event is brought to you by the letter "S."  Kim S. and I were STALKED in Goodwill by a lady who wanted a Sweater with a Sequined zipper (!!!) that I had Snapped up but hadn't tried on yet.  "Are you going to get that sweater?"  She followed us around for an HOUR and lay in wait, just like a Spider outside the dressing room.

(I got the sweater, by the way, just to Spite her!)

The Hungarian horse trader in me ALMOST said, "You want the sweater?  Give me $20 and it's yours."

Cost of Sweater --- $7.

Look on her face when I said I was getting it --- Priceless!