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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What I Noticed About Facebook

Let me start by saying I really like FB.  I'm not AS "addicted" as many people are, but i do check it daily and I really like seeing my Friends' pictures and hearing about the stuff going on with them, as trivial and often banal as it can be.  I even get Messages on my phone (I turn that on and off.)

I would still much rather talk in one of these conventional ways:

(No. 1) face to face
(No. 2) on the phone or (the unconventional)
(No. 3) via Skype

However I can hear how friends are doing, especially if they've been sick or have suffered a loss or have a joyous occasion -- a baby, a wedding or new pet! I can Message them and IM them as well.  FB IM kinds of sucks but it's OK for what it is.   FB is also wonderful for "spreading the word." Hey, here's a dog for adopting, here's info about the play I'm in.  Etc.

Things I've noticed about FB:

A) You don't always get posting from every Friend on your list, what's up with that?  I know it has something to do with Settings but hell, those folks are my FB Friends and yeah, I want to see what they've posted.

B) I am rather astounded at the people who have Friended me.  And the people who have not.  I'm am also amazed that I have FB friends who live in Europe and Australia.  I'm happy that (as a result of FB) I am part of a RunKeeper "street team" consisting of two ladies, one from Sweden and one from "Oz."

C) Here is big thing I've noticed....your FB Friends share a commonality with you.  They either share the Family Tie or you have things in common: work, hobbies, pets, etc.  But in almost all cases, you are on the same bandwagon.  That can be good, or it can be very limiting.

For example: I don't think there should be a bias against any dog breed.  "Punish the deed, not the breed." If that (bias) were the case, I'd be posting stuff like, "Little dogs are nasty little buggers" based on my been severely bitten by a few in my lifetime.  Ergo, most of my FB Friends are of like mind, about PTD- NTB thing.  Not about the Little Dog thing of course!  So are the Groups that I subscribe to.

Bearing that in mind, what I have noticed is: some people get into Over-Posting A Point Of View.

The Daily Same Old Post Subject.  for example: Here's yet another reason why Aquarian Men Are Scum (AMAS).  (BTW, they aren't.) And of course since the comment threads they receive are from Friends (almost all of whom share the poster's common opinion), you get the "yeah, you go, you're so right!" stuff all the time. I do get tired of seeing the Daily "AMAS" link, justifying yet again your point of view. OK, all right, already, We Get It. You think AMAS!!! I could do that every d--n day about Pit Bull Prejudice, for example.

If you want to justify your opinion. I think you should either Blog about it, or join a Group but perhaps, just for the sake of beating your platform "horse" to death on FB, you should set up a FB group: Air-Sign Men Are Scum.  Then your Friends who are of like mind can go there and you can merrily bash and rant about all the Geminis, Librans and Aquarians males out there!

I, for one, don't mind a good debate (was part of an awesome thread about a t-shirt saying recently).  But what attracts most people to FB is your pictures of your new baby, dog, the dolphins you saw in the ocean, how you/your kids/your family are doing, a funny/interesting video, a song you rediscovered, how to help Joplin, Missouri, etc.  And yes, even an occasional Rant!

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  1. Nicely said Mia. Miss ya. Now I know we should call ;-)