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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Artie's Afternoon, October 2012

Elke: Busy day!  I stayed home, watching my, uh...the HOUSE and Brat Boy left me, the little creep, and went somewhere in the car with Mom and Dad....

Artie: I threw up in my crate....

Elke: This makes me feel so much better....

Artie: We got to the hiking place, and my doggie "cousins", Oreo and McKinley

and my friend Duds were there!  Wheeee!  We ran in the wood and Duds found some really cool smelly dead stuff!  Mom wouldn't let me go over there!  I went swimming too, got really wet and shook all over Mom.

Elke: I'll give you that, Ace, good job! I'd have done the same thing myself.....

Artie: Then after a long walk we went to Oreo's house and I started to teach my one doggie friend how to play!  Duds was funny, he stuck his head in the doggie food bag!!  And his mommy said something so funny that Mom almost fell off her chair!  His mom is very cool! I'm exhausted!
Artie Blue Oct. 20, 2012

Elke: Yeah, and you smell funny too!

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