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Friday, October 5, 2012

Love, (Same Sex) Marriage and The Timeline

I got this in the mail yesterday.  Another piece of political B.S.  I almost threw it away but something caught my eye.  The word Marriage.

Now I am married to a wonderful guy, The Spousal Unit. And I don't normally get too steamed up about Politics, which frankly bore the brains out of me.

But this one frosted my carcass, being a supporter of Marriage in general and Same Sex Marriage in particular.

I am NOT a fan or supporter of Polygamy, mind you, because it's just not fair.  Until I, as a woman, can have multiple husbands I don't think a man should be able to have multiple wives. In this case, what works for the gander should apply to the goose!

I am an advocate for Marriage and commitment whether its George and Gracie, George and Benny or Gracie and Maude.

I read this and pondered the unanswerable. How, pray tell, do "they" know opposite sex marriage has been around for 5,000 years? Exactly 5,000.

I mean, really, seriously, how in the hell do they know that?  Maybe it's 6,000 or 10,000 or 3,500 years. Maybe it's 4,892 years.

Really, how in the hell do they honestly know?  And isn't one person "marriage" another person's hand-fasting or "sealing the deal?"  Until quite recently, a marriage was a business deal.  Or if you were a woman, a way to get out of your family's house. In many cultures and countries, marriages are still arranged!

"I give you one field, four cows and a bunch of pelts.  In exchange you give me your daughter for my son.  Ugh-wat...."

"I shall give you the province of Anjou along with lands, revenues and titles and you, in turn, shall wed my daughter.  You in turn, for this great honour, shall give me land rights in the following counties...." Etc.

"I, an impoverished European noble, really need some money to maintain my family's estates.  You are one step away from Scottish trash who lived in stone huts but you have money.  I need money.  Therefore, your daughter or son will marry into one of the oldest, most noble houses complete with title which will legitimize your robber baron ways and make you socially acceptable in the highest circles. Plus we're really inbred and there's that whole hemophilia thing.  Deal? Deal!"

"After consulting the horoscopes of both parties, and making arrangements for bride price, jewels rtc. we have decided, as the parents, through a matchmaker, that these two people should wed.  Week-long party at my house.  You bring the elephant. Oh, yes, we might let them meet before the ceremony.  How modern of us!"

So this Love and Marriage thing is pretty new!  Seeing that it is a more modern concept, let's be really modern and crazy and let two people in love get married no matter what their sex may be.

Five thousand year institution?  Really?  Where did you come up with that number; out of a hat, Bullwinkle?

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