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Monday, August 5, 2013

Men Wanted

One Person's Experience With Cesar Millan

Good article, thank you to my friend for sharing.

I think something that NO ONE ever mentions is CM seems to be particularly appealing for men.

I am NOT dissing men (I'm married to a wonderful one) but I have heard of so many folks who have a "ruined" dog because their male partner watched Cesar and it "just made sense."

What positive training needs DESPERATELY are more MALE voices out there, posting, holding seminars (yes, I know about Ian Dunbar...), appealing to men and how a lot of men's brains work: goal oriented, needs to be fixed NOW!

Most of the AP trainers out there are WOMEN! In my area, I can't think of one guy.  Lots of fabulous women of course.

Clicker training, all-positives, Anti-Cesar...however you want to phrase it....needs more MALE voices.

Maybe if more clicker classes. seminars came with beer, BBQ and brauts and a guy saying and showing this is all going to work...we'd not see events like that being clustered with females.

Ladies with dogs/cats/horses etc. have you EVER tried to get your Significant Male Other to attend a clicker/All-Positive class or a seminar?

"Dr. Sophia Who???  What the hell....uh....Honey, I'll pay for you, YOU go. I'm going golfing/sailing/gaming/hunting/gardening/lawn-mowing/doing-nothing-in-it's most-violent-form."

And if we had more guys attending, training etc. AP it would be more (eeek....I'm using one of those CM words) balanced, wouldn't it?

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