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Thursday, August 22, 2013

A Prayer Circle August 22, 2013

Dear God, Father of All, Wisdom Divine….Yahweh, Adonai

Dear Son of God, Jesus, the Great Teacher….

Dear Mother, Divine Love…

Dear Angels especially the great Archangels ~~~
          Ariel: Lion(ess) of God, angel of the animals.
          Raphael: Healer, angel of love, joy and laughter, healer of animals & people
          Uriel: “God Is Light,” angel of vision, instruction, problem solving

Dear Father Sky and Mother Earth, Gaia.  We are your Earth Children, spiritual beings having this human experience…..

Dear Ancestors of all of us. You who have gone before us, back to the Divine.  Our grandmothers and grandfathers, parents, our ancestors.  All who are connected by blood or love of those who come together at this time in love, caring, positive energies and prayers….We ask for your guidance and support.

Dear Universe, Balance, Order, Good Judgment…..

Dear God of My Understanding, My Higher Power....

(That should cover just about everybody….of all faiths….)

Greetings! Welcome, all! 
Breathe deep!
We are come together, in time and space, at this moment to join our circle and clasp our hands and bow our heads in faith, reverence and expectation of All Good. We feel the connectedness of ourselves to others in the circle and the Divine.  We are all brothers and sisters here.
We ask that we be richly blessed and all that we will give out in prayer, energies, and acknowledgments come back to us in awesome, wonderful ways we cannot even comprehend.
We know You hear our prayers.
For what is prayer but seeking to renew our connection with the Divine, within and without?
What is prayer but focus and faith in Something Greater Than Ourselves?
Even though we ask for You to hear us at our time of need, You know You are always with us. We just need to remember this.
Rekindle our faith, trust and intuition.
You are in all forms yet we worship You in these forms…..
And so we begin.

For Krissi.
Tonight as the full moon wanes, we ask for our Sister Krissi, help and aid and strength. We ask that as the moon wanes and becomes dark, that her burdens and cares also wane and be lifted through the Divine who can carry all burdens.  We ask for her to be lifted in light and love.
We ask health, strength, comfort, cooling breezes, lightness for her and her family now and in the future. 
We acknowledge that Your white shield of strength will guard her from all negativity and that the great Archangel Michael stands for her.
We ask that her home be filled with harmony, light and protection. 
We claim knowledge that she and her family (humans and animals) are under the umbrella of Divine Love, harmony and safety.
We claim this for her and in your Name as she is a child of Divine Love, Life, Truth and Abundance.
Selah, Amen, So Mote It Be.
Breathe Deep.

For The Dogs Currently In Our Care.
We ask for all the dogs that have come under Krissi’s care and those of the Rescues Mercy’s Door and New Pawz Families be healed mentally and physically, and blessed in every way. 
We also pray for the cats as well!  (Isis would want us to pray for her children!)
We ask for Your hands of love to help make all these dogs whole. We pray for  understanding that miracles happen every moment of every day and that these precious souls are miracle-worthy.  As are we miracle-worthy.
We ask for your help especially for Pippa and Joplin at this time. 
We pray for all the puppies, so newly born into the human realm. We pray that they be blessed with health, joy, happiness and long lives in peace and harmony. 
We ask that You guide us as to how we can best help all these dogs and all the dogs who have come back to the Rescue. Since You are All Knowing, All Wise, we humbly ask to be shown the way and that our actions and footsteps be guided.  Even if the answer seems humanly negative or blocked, help us to know, without a doubt, that Love Divine is always the answer. 
Please help us to remember that even though God may seem to close a door, a window with blessings will always open.
Selah, Amen, So Mote It Be.
Breathe Deep.

For Those We Cannot Save.
We ask for grace and blessings and ease of passage into the Summerlands, the Rainbow Bridge, gateway to Heaven for all those dogs who cannot humanly or humanely be saved in this physical world.
Please fill us with Your love; help us to not feel as though we have failed these animals.  Love is never wasted even though it meet no return.
We ask for the great Archangel Azrael (who helps souls cross over) to be there for each dear one as they leave this earth.
We pray for humanity and compassion for those who perform this task and we acknowledge that You will bring these qualities to those humans.
As Jesus the Teacher so loved the little children, He too loves those dogs in need of safe passage.
Selah, Amen, So Mote It Be.
Breathe Deep.

For Homes.
We know that You are the Divine Matchmaker and you will bring dogs and humans together quickly, effectively and easily.
We pray and acknowledge positive and efficient networking on all levels, reaching beyond even our human comprehensive.  You are the Great Communicator!
We acknowledge and praise You because You have a perfect home and families for each and every dog now in our care and every dog that may come to us in the future.
We ask that the path be easy and clear for those homes to find each dog. We pray that any seeming obstacles be swept away, easily and completely. We pray and acknowledge that You are greater than any obstacle if that is the right home for that dog.
We pray for and acknowledge that through your Grace, that each home will be filled with harmony, peace and joy for all who dwell within: humans and animals alike. We pray to make manifest the paintings and pictures we have seen of saints and angels with all the animals gathered around them in harmony.  We acknowledge that through your guidance, this visual image can and will be manifested in these homes.
We ask for clarity, insight and good judgment as we review these homes and the people within them.  We know that You will guide our minds and hearts; that our intuitions will be clear and bright since You are the author of Wisdom, Love and Intuition.
We pray and acknowledge that the adopters will seek Your Wisdom and the wisdom of kind, compassionate, loving humans, vets, professionals and trainers.
We pray and acknowledge that Your Love will manifest itself in these dogs and their families, making their transition stress-free and easy. 
We pray and acknowledge that You will heal any anxiety in both humans and dogs.  Since You are everywhere, we know that Your healing hands will be with the dog since s/he too is never separate from Love.
We pray and acknowledge that every dog will be a blessing and a blessed member of the family for all of its life.
We pray and acknowledge that they will always treat, train and incorporate the dog in to their lives with patience, love and humanity for all the dog’s life. 
We pray and acknowledge that ALL of the homes for our dogs be their forever homes as Your love for us is never-ending.
Selah, Amen, So Mote It Be.
Breath Deep.

For Fosters.
We pray for all the foster parents, now and in the future.  We ask that as they have opened their homes and hearts, you will fill both with your Light and blessings.
We pray and acknowledge that more foster homes and families that we have need of will open up to us. We pray and acknowledge that You are providing an abundance of foster homes!
We pray for puppy caretakers and fosters.  We acknowledge that you will grant them patience, laughter, love, harmony and ease of house-training. And an abundance of newspapers and food.
We pray and acknowledge that Divine Love be present in each foster home and manifest Itself in harmony, peace, calm and joy.
We pray for the fosters to be able to release their foster dogs to their new homes with love and joy, knowing that they will always be a part of that dog’s heart.
Selah, Amen, So Mote It Be.
Breathe Deep.

For Abundance & Material Benefits.
We pray for and acknowledge Your Abundance and we will see it made manifest in the material realm for Krissi, her family, all the fosters, the kind trainers and all the dogs.
Abundance isn’t just on its way; it’s already here.  Open our hearts, arms and minds to it.
We pray that as each one of these gives of their time and talents that you will bless them hundred-fold in all ways: health, money, gifts of all kinds.
We pray to know that Abundance is ever-present and never ending as You are Infinite. We pray for freedom from chattering, limiting, negative talk and minds.
Selah, Amen, So Mote It Be.
Breathe Deep.

For Tolerance.
We pray to educate wisely: that all who hear our words will be moved and their minds will be opened. As You are Divine Truth, give us the words to speak. 
We pray that all those who hate and fear be flooded with Love and shown the clarity of tolerance, fairness and humanity. Open their minds to this thought: "Judge not, lest ye be judged."
We pray for the abusers, murderers and dog fighters, all those who have tumbled, walked or ran into the miasma of ignorance, hate and greed that Your blazing swords of Truth will pierce their minds and blaze through to their real hearts and open them to the Light Divine.  
We pray for the hoarders and their victims. 
We pray for the children of cruelty; that their eyes will be opened. We pray that through their pure hearts they will bring positive change to their families, friends, and communities.
Great Redeemer, we acknowledge your ability to turn even the most evil, hardened soul.
We acknowledge that the Wheel of Karma is in place.  
We pray that those who wander in fear and darkness find the light of Love and Compassion. 
We pray that all who love animals, especially those who love dogs of all kinds and breeds manifest harmony, kindness, joy, love and a spirit of cooperation towards each other.
We pray for strength, compassion and justice for all those involved in the human law arena: police, humane officers, lawyers and judges. 
We pray for human laws of fairness and compassion and tolerance towards animals to be made manifest in all communities throughout the world.
Selah, Amen, So Mote It Be.

In Closing.
We know, unerringly, that you have heard our prayers and that all of us, human and animals, are sheltered under your Wings.  We thank you for this opportunity to come together in brotherhood and sisterhood for we are all part of You and each other. As we came in peace, love and expectation, so we close our circle and raise our heads in praise and thanks.  Even though we are not physically together, our spirits have joined together.

The circle is ended but not unbroken. Go in peace.

We just thank You, no matter what we call You. Hail and farewell!

Blessed Be, Amen

(Written by Mia Hess with a whole bunch of “divine inspiration.” Seriously. No B.S.
Thank you, Great One, for working through my hands and heart.
I am but the tool, You are the craftsman.
I know that anyone who wishes to use this will be kind and truthful enough to ask me if they may share.)

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