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Saturday, August 10, 2013

I May Be Cheap But I'm Not Free

Number 19!!!!!!!!!! 25 Situations Only Non-Profit People Get If you ONLY knew how many places want me to donate my singing, and "Oh, yes, you'll pay for your accompanist, right?" Right. So, wait, let me get this straight. I have to actually PAY money (about $150) to donate to your cause? And haul the equipment and set up etc. etc. Maybe I'll do it once a year AND I have to really believe in the cause. But oh, I've had a bunch call me up. It starts with sweet someone trying to get into my Vocal Panties and it goes downhill from there. "So and so says you're a WONDERFUL singer..." And then they're insulted when I say "No." And when I suggest that they themselves underwrite me, as a donation to the cause? There is that gasp. They wouldn't actually HIRE me but they want me to do it for free? And to top it all off, they treat you and your fellow musician(s) like crap, b*tch about how all you play is "that old sh*t" (hey, you KNEW from the get-go I'm a Standards singer) and don't even feed you.

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