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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

WDW: The Adventure Continues T Minus 15 Days and Counting....

Theater Friends and Musicals Fan you'll love this. 

I'm on the phone to The Mouse (WDW) this morning, gathering yet even more information.  Traveling to Disney is very overwhelming.  There is a ton of stuff to process!  You have NO idea.  It's headache inducing at times. I have notes attached to notes attached my little booklet they sent me in the beginning of The Disney "Experience."

"Hi this S...(I didn't quite get his name) how can I make your day magical?" (They almost ALL say this, by the way.)

"Hi there!  Wait....  Did you say your name is Seth? Wait....Do you know a Jamie Hoffman?"  (The bride to be.  Her friend Seth works at The Mouse.)

"No, my name isn't Seth it's Sutton actually."

"Sutton? Sutton as in Sutton Foster?" (Broadway musical star)

"Why yeeees!!!!!"  (The "yeeees" ran up a few musical scales.)

And we're off to the races, LOL!!!  He was very helpful but I think I scored a few points by knowing who the hell Sutton Foster is/was. 

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