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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Never A Dull Moment! (Aug. 2013)

From the Never A Dull Moment files:
I was at an adoption event in Orville, Ohio for some LOVELY dogs and was taking a break outside the pet shop where the event was held.
Suddenly, there were two little dogs (about the size of Jack Russel) one white and one black running loose!  And scared, especially the black one who OBVIOUSLY had babies as her poor bags were almost to the ground.
Luckily for those 2 little dogs there were a ton of people who A) do rescue B) train dogs and/or C) know a lot about dogs!  I had a pocket of freeze dried litter (which by the way I never carry...have to get some of that dog-crack), and began tearing pieces and tossing them to the little dogs while sitting on the ground.  The white one was in my lap almost immediately, grabbing at the food.  The black one was much more skittish, poor baby. Eventually she too came up.  Both dogs ate the liver like they hadn't eaten in DAYS!
My trainer friend, Jennifer got loop leads around them and someone had called the police, who came very quickly.  (Small town)
Yes, someone had reported their dogs missing!
The little dogs wouldn't get into the back of the squad car so I did, urging them with treats.
Kelsey has the incriminating evidence of me in the back of a squad car. (LOL, not the first time although i don't ever remember hard plastic seats....).
Everyone was so on their game, quiet, calm yet with a sense of urgency and helpfulness. the cop seemed nice actually.
I hope those little dogs are OK, poor darlings.
I'm kind of surprised that all my "training" over the years kicked in immediately but I sure am glad I wasn't by myself!
Not by a long shot.
Merely one of the players.
It was actually one of "those moments" when you do darn near everything right and you kind of feel proud of yourself!

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