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Monday, July 9, 2012

That's A First!

Life time first: I'm very excited. Mile 6 0r 7 on bike ride, I come around a corner up a slight hill (so I was going pretty slow) and there is a huge buck with a full rack about 8-10 feet away from me. I slam on my brakes because we were so close we might have collided. There was about and five or ten second pause and then he turned and went back into the woods. Holy Crap-mobile! I was so stoked. Kept walking up the hill, shaking my head. Wow! I've never seen one, ever,, except once in great while driving quickly by. Not a buck and certainly not that close. Far out! Glad we did NOT hit, because I would have lost that encounter for sure! I can wipe that one off my bucket list. (I did 18.01 miles, which is really, really good for me.

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