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Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Batman Movie Murders

Aurora, Colorado, July 19th, 2012.  A gunman enters a movie theater and opens fire.  As of this date: 12 dead, 71 wounded.

Already the press and social media is rife with speculation, theories and that knee jerk reaction of Gun Control.  Big business ammo companies making money. Etc. Etc.

Stop.  Enough already.  Concentrate.  Keep your eye on the ball. The victims. Their families.

It's so simple. The guy is a psychopath. Plain and simple. They are some of the most intelligent, organized, anal, controlled people on the planet, alas.  Who needs to care about how he got the guns, ammo etc, or the corruption of goverment....blah, blah, blah!  Who cares if his parents abused him or he killed small animals?  You're not going to go back in time and "save him" from his errant ways. Quit analyzing WHY he did it, leave that to the psych experts. They'll be examining him for years.  If you are that ghoulish, there will be books and no doubt movies about him. 

He is unimportant, in my opinion. Once he made the decision to pull that trigger and obliterate all those lives, he devalued himself completely as a human being. 

Help and focus needs to be on the survivors and victim's families. They need to be treated with love and compassion.  Prayers, financial help, counseling. They are the important ones. They are what matters. This is a great time to push through victim's rights.  This person-thing has proven he needs no "victim's rights" or "criminal's rights" either.

He did it, they've got him. Because of his actions, he does not matter. He has no humanity, no compassion.  Leave him to his God. His God is all that should care about him. If he could do it again and get away with it, he would. He can have all the "Come to Jesus" moments one would ever want but he is a psychopath and he'd do it again. If you are a compassionate individual, you can certainly pray for him, his soul. But I would certainly save my Praying Energies for those who have to live with the consequences of his actions.

Don't give this this thing-person one bit of press time because that's what he WANTS so stop saying he's "disturbed." Everyone with two brain cells to rub together knows he's disturbed.  No sane person does this. Psychopaths ACT sane, that's how they get away with this stuff. Who cares if he was abused etc. Stop over-thinking it.

Lock his door and throw away the key. You want a good punishment? Life in solitary confinement.  Death is easier and at a core, base level much more satisfying for others.  Death is death, that's it. Nowadays death sentences are pretty quick, not drawn out for days or weeks or even months. 

But just think about it.  Your whole world is a 4 x 8 foot cell with no window.  He's young, he could live 80 years like that.  No mail, no paper or writing implements, no personal visits from family, friends or serial killer fans, no music, TV, computer or cable.

Food, water, that's it. No milk, juice, no coffee, no pop, no steak.  Nothing.

Just 24/7 like that.  The only bad thing about that is the cost but a long, drawn-out trial with tons of appeals costs millions of dollars too. I figure if he gets Mac and Cheese with some frozen veggies here and there and water, that'll do him.  Pretty cheap. College students and broke people live like that every day.  I bet a Mom with a good budget sense and some coupons could keep this sucker confined for abut $400 a year, including electric and plumbing.  Send a robot in to put the food and water in the feed slot.  No guards needed.  Once a week or better once a month, take him out, and completely hose the cell out and disinfect it and him.

No one ever speaks to him except those doctors and researchers and even then I'm not so sure. But you won't keep those folks out, I know.  But no one else. Ever.  How long would you last?

Help the victims!  He is not a victim.

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