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Friday, July 13, 2012

Can You Get Fired From a Volunteer Job?

I'm going to probably get "fired" from my volunteer job. 

I told a teenager today, in an education program, about 12 good reasons why her mom should not breed their two Pibbles (Pit Bull type dogs). 

"Why do they want to breed them anyway?"

"Well my mom says they have such nice temperaments." 

Well, I can show you about 20 dogs at our shelter alone today who are awesome dogs. 

"Is your mom willing to spend anywhere from $300-$2000 and up for pre-natal care. Here's what can kill your pregnant or lactating female dog and her puppies (insert list). Each puppy will cost you guys AT LEAST $300 and up for care, shots, food. Your type of dog is the most likely to be killed, abused, abandoned, fought, used as bait, burned, beaten, hung and heaven only knows what else. Your young female dog has eye problems and might bite people she doesn't know, you say she's going blind? Wow, you really want to reproduce a questionable temperament AND genetic eye problem. I have eye problems, it sucks." 

I ended it with: "I need to talk to you mom. Tell her to get those dogs spayed and neutered and here's a place to do it cheap in August."

Yep, I'm gonna get my arse fired.

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