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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Lennox: The Debate Rages On

If you don't know about Lennox, where have you been, under a rock?  It's international news! For the uninformed or if you are reading this years later, he is the pit bull type dog seized from his family, tried, convicted and killed for how he looked in Belfast, Ireland.  That's the short story.

Here is what I don't get about this whole thing.  Several people (including a dog trainer Victoria Stillwell) offered to take Lennox out of the country, all expenses paid.  Basically: I'll take the dog and care for him for the rest of his life.  Problem solved, right?  Controversy over (pretty much), dog saved, Belfast looks a teensy bit better in the eyes of animal lovers and it wouldn't hurt their PR one bit.  But she and others were blown off.  That's in the news. People are incensed that Lennox's family didn't get to say goodbye, receive his ashes or his collar as a remembrance. Death row criminals get that, at least. The most hardened mass murderer gets the chance to say goodbye to their families.

I hate to be a killjoy but by the time Belfast City Council made their announcement that he had be "humanely euthanized" a few things had most likely happened.

1) The dog probably died a few hours if not a few days prior.
2) I'm betting that, depending on that place's usual method of dispatching an unwanted animal, that's how it really went down.  Not some nice double shot like when we pet owners have our animals put to sleep. Their method of euthanizing has never (to my knowledge) been made public.
3) His body went out with all the unwanted dead pets for whatever purposes they use dead animals for or mass cremation.  His collar went in the trash or is being recycled for use on another dog that comes into that place.

It would not be the first time in history, in any country, that a controversial execution was carried out in secret and the body disposed of. Unless you get someone on the inside to squeal and blow the whistle, the public will never know. And I will also bet there were some serious threats to the employees of that place and not enough money paid to the right people to get some real answers.

What disturbs me, even terrifies me is someone squealed on Lennox.  Someone told the authorities, animal control, whoever that his family had a "pit bull!"  Do you honestly think that animal control or the cops have the TIME to meander about looking for "illegal" dogs?  What is even scarier is the thought that authorities just came into their house and stole their dog!  And remember, this dog was not a problem, not a barker, not tied up in the back, never had bitten or attacked anyone.  If one takes the view that animals are property, the cops stole their silver or their TV set basically.

Belfast and the City Council are hoping this thing just goes away, that the next horrible human tragedy (think Aurora, CO) or animal travesty will shock the world into forgetting about Lennox and his family. Let's not forget his family.  I can't even imagine!  If anything good can come about from this event, it has made people more aware of Breed Discrimination, prejudice based on looks (be it canine or human) and that human rights are being slowly yet systematically whittled away.  Those are causes and bandstands to get on.

Discrimination sucks.  I'm tired of people being so damn afraid of everything, everybody, gay marriage, even a damn dog.  God, what a waste of energy.

The bottom line is that poor dog's family. They are the real victims in this whole stupid cock-up.

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