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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Artie's Blog From Yesterday

Bandanna! Harness! Leash! Car ride! Stopping! Going! Walking in the woods!! So many smells! Elke grumbles, what's that? Oh big brown animal thing? Far out! More walking! Back in car! Class Place! I smell Clark! I love Clark, where is he? I want to plaaaaay with Clark! Mom, why can't I play with Clark, you smell like Clark! Did him?

Mom is walking me around, I don't have my harness on now, must be Class Time! Smelling stuff, dogs, dogs, I smell dogs! I smell Clark, he peed here, let me pee on Clark's pee! Ooooh, there is Auntie Kelsey, hihihih, let me jump up on you, auntie! I love you!! I don't WANNA sit and be good! OK, fiiiiiine. I'll sit. Humpf.

We go in the Class room! Clark is there! "HI CLARK!!!"

Mom says, "Blooby, you have to be good and calm for Clark!" but I don't wanna!!! Clark and me, we want to plaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!! Our moms walk us around, my mom is sweet talking me. But me and Clark...we want to have fun! Poopy humans. Our moms walk towards each other, Mom has me on a short leash, talking to me, "Watch Me!"

"But it's CLAAAARKKKKKKK!! I LOVE CLARK!" We walk around some more and Mom is being firmer, "Artie Blue, Watch ME!" but her voice is still pretty happy. we walk towards each other and mom says "Sittt" I lay down just to mess with her. She shakes hands with Clark's mommy and another new lady says, "Pass." Mom takes me outside and we hide from Clark. I don't know why.....

Then we go back into the room. All my favorite people are there!! Mama Jen who fostered me with her other big doggies, Auntie Kelsey and Auntie Mary Ann and that guy from last week! A new lady is there! She talks to mom, ooooooooh, she's coming to say hi to ME!!!! "Wheeeee! Hi, lady!! I'm Artie Blue, let me get in your face!!!" Mom turns me around and walks me away and then makes me sit and STAY (I hate stay when there are people around and they might touch me!) The new lady comes up and shakes hands with Mom and I rolled on my back. She messes with my feet and I AM SO EXCITED but I'm pretty good. Well...... for me I'm REALLY good.

Then I had to do the Sit, Down, Stay stuff. When Mom called me, "Artie, Front!" I saw my chance! "Hi everyone! Hi New Guy Friend, Hi Aunties, Mama Jen, I WUFFFF you!"

But.....wait....Nobody pets me, human poopheads. they all turned away from me! Mom made me sit again, STAY (yeah, ok, ok. fine, sucks...). When she called me she was so excited, wow, she made all sorts of crazy squeaky noises and clapped her hands! More fun than every one else!

"Exercise finished, " said the nice lady. and she took my leash. Mom said "Wait," and left me.

(I'm having a brain fart, I can't remember what happened.)
Mom came back and they said, "Congratulations! You passed!"

Passed what? Mom didn't have a stinky cloud. But she sure was happy; she was playing with me and then everybody was petting me and making a BIG fuss over me! I got so excited I forgot myself and grabbed my leash with my mouth!!

There is a picture Mama Jen took of us! What do the words on it mean??

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