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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A Cattledog's Gift: Part One

Jesse Ann (Truahrt's Rescue Remedy, CGC)
August 18, 2011
I left my body on earth today in soft grass with my dad and my mom and my Aunt Megan. I could feel them petting me, feel their tears falling on my fur. I could hear their voices saying that they loved me, that it was all right for me to leave my old, frail body.

In the distance, I heard the echo of a familiar bark. At first it's a whisper, than it grows more distinct. I know that bark, it's Winger.

"Come on Jesse! There are balls to chase and angels to throw them and lawn mowers to bite that won't hurt us! And Squirrels! And food! And vacuums to attack!" he barks in his shrill yap-yap-yap.

I feel my spirit soar towards him. For a moment, I see my humans holding my old, frail body, crying. My spirit, on a breath, flies across roads, valleys, summer plains, coloring trees, rivers, the big lake where we played to where my Aunt Jamie is. I touch her with my nose-that-is-not-a-nose-of-flesh lean into her body with my body-that-is-not-a-body anymore and my heart, which is overflowing, caresses her heart. I love my Auntie Jamie and she loves me.

"I am with you always, My Other Mother, " I whisper to her heart and soul.
I feel the Presence of Love and Life touch my spirit. "Come, little one, sweet Princess Jesse Ann. You were The Boss to the other dogs, all who came into your home. You were the calm one. Now it's time to play and rest until it's time to guide your human to their joy and bliss."

I know S/He is right, this Divine Love. I have known for a while in human terms, that my body was failing me. I knew when Winger did not come home that winter afternoon this past February that my time on earth would end. Something told me I had to stay long enough help Elke to not be afraid of the things that Winger was afraid of: the thunderstorms, the fireworks. I think I've done that.

I remember going into the car for the ride to the vet today. Mom had to pick me up, my legs were so weak. I was so exhausted, it was hard to walk. I was glad to be outside in the sunshine with my humans as Dr. Mike gave me a shot to make my eyes grow dim and then dark. I did not feel in my soul that second shot, the one that stopped my heart from beating but never stopped it from loving. I want my humans to know that. I think Mom knew that Winger would be calling me to join him.

I see meadows and forests and a glowing bridge of shimmering rainbow colors over fields of stars. I finally see Winger now and another I had known in earthly form, my Auntie Kaya. She is all glowing with love for me and she surrounded by dogs. She laughs and hugs me.

"Bienvenue, mon petit!" She was so loving in earthly form that it is not surprising that she is filled with Love, Light and Laughter. I run to Winger and bark in his face, "See, you bozo, I'm here and nothing has changed! I'm still the boss of you!"

We dogs have it good here......

End of Part One, please see Part Two

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