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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A Prayer for Wicca The Dog

From all who believe in A Power Greater than ourselves, whether you call the "I Am" God, Buddah, Jehovah, Father or Jesus Christ, Please send prayers to Wicca the dog and her family.

From those of us who follow the Old Ways to Wicca the dog, who like Lennox, suffered from ignorance and prejudice.

Wicca, sweetheart dog, we know the Goddess, mother of All, Divine, Eternal Love will fold you into her arms and keep you safe always in the Summerlands across the Bridge...

May Isis, Ostara, Danu and all the ancient ones, the spirit of our ancestors and especially your family's be there to help you and guide you.

May the hammer of Thor and Cernowain break the hardened hearts of humans here on earth who pose such injustices on innocent ones like you.

I know my Dogs Who Have Gone Before, who never knew such terror, are there for you.

To Wicca's family, we will not forget you, we send you love and hold you in our hearts.

Amen, Selah, So mote it be...

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