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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Today's No News Neck Stuff

Back home from the doc and NO NEWS! They were still waiting on the damn labs to come back and be read or whatever the hell they do with the crap they take out of you. I know nothing except he didn't like the looks of what he took out of me last Monday. And the swelling neck stuff is more crap in there. Seriously? That could have come out to while you were in there!

Groovy. Not. It's not his fault, it's the lab taking their time staining the slides or whatever the hell they do. They were calling the lab and leaving messages for the head lab doctor. So my ENT said he'd call me by the end of the day with either results or more of an idea when there would be results. I texted family earlier and ended my text with Well. F---- (spelled) and (oops) sent that mass text to my m-i-l. Sorry! My bad Potty Mouth and Fingers! Of course she's a nurse; I'm sure she's heard way worse!

A couple of words I didn't want to hear: lymphoma, stages (and not the kind you act on) oncologist, chemo, radiation, bone marrow biopsy..... For some reason the remote possibility of an autoimmune thing didn't phase me as much. 

I need to put on my big girl panties and suck it up. Three meltdowns a day. I've had one already. But I will say "sh*tf--kbuggerf--kf--kbuggersh*t" quite a lot. Because sometimes there's nothing like some good old fashioned cussing! Thanks for caring, God/dess knows I feel the love and support.

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