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Monday, July 28, 2014

First Day of Testing.....The Ugga-Mugga-Walla-Walla Heart Do-Dad

I have a heart.  I've seen it!  LOL!  It looked like stars, like a galaxy through a big telescope.  They took blood from me, put some tin in it, and stuck it back with radioactive shit so I would be all glowy!  The tech, Tim, was nice and kind of funny. I think he read me pretty well because he showed me one of the pictures. I came home, ate two sandwiches and SLEPT.

I've been thirsty as hell.

However.....on a totally downer note.....

My regular doctor has dropped the ball. The ball that is me.  I asked for a lidocaine cream script and help getting a temp handicapped placard for the car.  I really need one for whoever's car is nice enough to take me places.

Nixed on both. "You have to get that from whoever is doing your treatments."  Really?  REALLY? Seriously?  WTF?

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