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Friday, July 11, 2014

Artie & Elke July 10th, 2014: A dialogue of sorts

Elke: So yesterday that nice guy comes to our house with cameras and such.
Artie: A person! A Person! Throw MY TOY!! Yeah! Yippee!! Somebody to throw a toy for me! 
Elke: He's a nice guy even if he DOES smell like other dogs. 
Artie, Hey dude, hey dude, hey mister, throw my Hollee Roller thing! I will chase it and shake it and jump for it!
Elke: Mom tells me to sit and makes the squeaky noise. She has treats. He take pictures of me. She takes pictures of me.
Elke: Really?
Artie: It's a visitor and we are outside! It's toy time! Throw my toy!!!! Yippeeee!!! Toy time!
Elke: OK, let him be an athletic jerk. Mom has treats in her pocket...

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