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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Why Anerican Idol Sucks

Read this first:
Harry Connick American Idot

Thank you Harry Connick Jr.  I burn incense at your alter, dude!

I may never be a great singer, or a famous one but I know how to SING and I can emote through a song.  I am a very good singer of the American Song Book. I've listen, learned and studied.  I also had a very good first coach....

THIS, ladies and gents, is why I don't watch American Idol.  It's why a lot of modern Broadway "belters" drive me simply insane.  All the trills, showy crap is fifty levels of bullcrap.  It's why I can only watch GLEE  occasionally. It's why a lot o choral directors should be slapped six ways of Sundays.  Singers today? Too loud, too brash, too much "whine," too much "big", too much belt......too much B.S.

I'm grateful as heck my mother slapped that sh*t out of me when I was a teenager.  Literally.

It's also why I tell people I've coached, "If you can't sing a standard a capella starting one note and ending in the same pitch you started on....go back and LISTEN!  Listen to Frank, Nat, Ella, Peggy Lee, etc. Then sing for me.  Then we'll talk. Your voice will LAST for decades!"

In my 30-odd professional career (small though it may be) I've been thwarted, belittled, bullied, verbally abused, picked on, told I was Less Than, Not AS Good As So-And-So for years by band leaders, horn players and some directors but I'm here on record to say I'm damn proud of myself today.

I am much better than I ever thought.  It may be a day late and dollar short.  I may be in the twilight of my career but oh well.  I can sing, by God, and sing well. I can interpret and share the Great American Songbook.

And for the record, IF I ever got the chance to be coached by Mr. Connick, I'd suck up every morsel and run with it.

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