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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Best One-Liner Ever

The Spousal Unit and I are enjoying a lovely evening of burgers, beer, booze, games, talk, laughter, quips etc. at our friends' house. Steve, the husband, goes into the kitchen.

Linda (in her lovely Brit-Aussie accent): What are you getting to drink, love?
Steve: A ginger ale.
Linda: Oh.

In one word, two little letters, she out-Denched Dame Judy, she out-Rickmaned Alan, she out did the Big O (Sir Laurence Olivier).  In one word she conveyed 500 years of great British theater, wit, literature, dismay, disbelief and any other "dis" you can think of.

We witnessed greatness tonight and we laughed so hard I thought we'd both fall off our chairs.

Linda, you are one class act and funny as hell.

I couldn't follow that with a map. a Boy Scout, GPS or bread-crumbs.

Outstanding!  Thank you!

Pssst, we actually WORE the hat.....

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