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Friday, April 5, 2013

Your First Concert

So what was your first big band or performer you ever saw live, in person?  Your first REAL concert?

Not a movie  or video.  Not a friend's band either; doesn't count. Has to be a name people know (or knew if you're older...)

Mine was Paul Revere and the Raiders!!  Like most teeny boppers, I had a huge thing for Mark Lindsay.  This is the era of the Beatles, the Monkeys etc.  Mark Lindsay and Davy Jones were all over Teen Magazine and Tiger Beat.  I had a subscription actually.

I was...well...let's say....YOUNG!  Under 12. My brother had to go with me.  My mother made him, much to his chagrin. In retrospect, I think she was right as he would make sure nothing happened to me. Needless to say, he was not happy. I can't remember where it was, but I remember we actually had fairly decent seats and our Dad let me bring his binoculars.  They were probably from WW2 and weighted and ton.  "Don't lose them!"  It was actually very exciting and there were tons of screaming girls there.

He said as we were walking into the concert venue,  "So help me God, if you scream once, I will pinch you! Just remember what happened when I took you to see HARD DAY'S NIGHT....."

My mother also had made him take me to see the movie HARD DAY'S NIGHT at the Detroit Theater in Lakewood, Ohio. Boy, did he throw a fit about that!  He was so pissed off; he sat through the whole movie with his arms folded against his chest, pouting as only a teen-age boy can pout.  It was PACKED with screaming girls!  There were cops there.  For a movie, mind you.

Yes, I remembered A HARD DAY'S NIGHT.  One excited squeal in the movie theater, and yes, he pinched me.  HARD!

"Why did you do that?  Everyone else is screaming?"

"And if everyone else jumped off a bridge, you'd jump too?  How stupid can you be? THEY may be jerks but no sister of MINE is gong to be a jerk.  You can clap all you want, but that's it.  You get me? Watch the stupid movie."

You have to love brothers!

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