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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Cleveland Miracle Girls. May 7, 2013

Those poor girls that were found in Cleveland yesterday. Missing for a decade. So many prayers going up for them and their families!  I hope God/Goddess and the angels bless you and HEAL you.  You are with your families, safe now.  So much love and support is pouring out for you three brave women.  

I know exactly where this house is  --- I grew up near there.

I'm betting they were held as sex slaves.   Poor sweethearts.  Prayers..... Amanda, you did a super brave thing!

I wish people would quit saying , "It's a Cleveland-Big City-Inner City-Poor-People thing!  If they had been lost in the suburbs, they would have been found years ago."   

It's not just urban places or a certain ethnicity. We all know that. To think it's an urban, poor, Black, Hispanic thing is rather arrogant and elitist. 

 Rural, suburban, inner-city: appalling crap like this happens all the time and in every country in the world.  

Sex slavers, human traffickers are very stealthy and extremely clever. They usually appear "normal," your neighbor, maybe a friend or even a relative.  One of these monster-slavers was a bus driver! And they are everywhere.  Human trafficking is HUGE and it 's a big money-maker!  It's a billion dollar industry.  To quote Major Strasau, the bad Nazi Major in CASABLANCA, "My dear Mademoiselle  perhaps you have already observed that in Casablanca, human life is cheap." It's cheap in a lot of places, alas.

I say it's because we DON'T KNOW OUR NEIGHBORS ANY MORE...we don't get out of our damn houses, we don't watch over each other.  We're too busy being on the computer, playing video games, watching TV, not teaching kids "stranger danger" and street smarts.  We want kids inside because we think they're "safer" that way. They're not.  They are more at risk because they are clueless and soft. 

The kids and young adults that know the world, good or bad, know their neighbors, know how to get help and "read" people, those are kids that are much less likely to get hurt.  I have met so many 20-somethings and teenagers who are so engrossed with their phones etc. that they have no idea what's immediately around them.  So obviously clueless.  They have no street smarts, no instincts, no ability to "listen to their guts," no concept of human interaction that doesn't involve a "device" of some sort. 

Get to know your neighbors.  Watch over each other. We are all children of the world.  We are not islands.  We are all interconnected!

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