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Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day

While I'm waiting for my darling husband to do something with sone butt-head computer that he has been fussing with for what seems YEARS, I thought I'd drop a note.

Yesterday I went for a hike through the
Cuyahoga Valley National Park with one of my dogs. Winger always has been a good hiking dog; stays right with you. He's a lot slower nowadays, being ten and all. But it was sylvan and peaceful and relaxing. Just to take the time. It is one of my truly favorite things to do, hike with a good dog. I have to work with the puppy, Elke, a lot more but i think she'll end up being a good hiking dog.

It's one of my joys and therefore makes me a bit prejudiced about breed types. I love the herding breeds because their tendency is to stick near you.

Well, I think we're going biking now! Goody. Fresh air. Got to get some!

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  1. Hey there Auntie Mima, I'm following your blog now! I miss hiking in Ohio, everything is so lush and ripe this time of year... alas, one of these days hopefully we can move home. Love you.