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Monday, September 28, 2009

The Glorpheads

Introducing The three Glorpheads!
I guess you're wondering what a Glorphead is. Glorp is my Spousal Unit's name for the mishmash of food we give them. It's usually dry dog food (Purina One), moist dog food (always BilJac) and yogurt along with a special garlic powder to repell insects and parasites. Yes, they have garlic breath in the summer but it does go away. Better garlic than fleas!
We have had Wingie and Jesse Ann since springtime 2001, the year we got married. Elke came to us rather unexpectedly in early November 2008.
As of this writing, Winger is 10 1/2 years old and we guess Jesse Ann is about 11 or 12. No one knows as she came to us from a Cattledog Rescue Org here in Ohio (with way too many dogs!)
She was, as an old friend of mine would put it, "rescued from the lahni", a really far too nice way of saying she was in a crate on a side porch.
Jesse Ann always has been really quite good since Day One. I took her home on Valentine's Day 2001 and have rarely regretted having her. She is very quiet and quite obedient, although she does it on HER time, as opposed to lickety-split time. She is The Princess and still bosses around the other dogs.
Winger was gifted to me by his breeder and when he came to us, he was a 'Fraidy Cat! He would not go near most people, especially men. It took years for him to warm up to some men. Now, when you come to visit he will lick you to death . He'd turn himself inside out to please you and is the most obedient dog we have. The ONLY reason I never did any Ring Obedience with him is that he panics and gets freaked out easily.
Elke is a whole 'nother story! In every way!
What makes me a little sad is to see Jesse Ann slowing down a great deal. She doesn't have the greatest hips or back knees in the world and the heat affects her. But she still wants to play ball; you have to monitor how much she gets to play.
People say they are good dogs and yes, they are, pretty much. But we work with them and I try to see they get enough exercise!
We love them!

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