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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

As Spock Would Say, "Fascinating..."

It's nice to know that my awareness quotient is coming back, Not in gang-buster formation but much better than it was.

I was in a meeting to day and I could feel the most fascinating tension. Not bad or stressed or even weird, just anticipatory. As though something were going to blow. Not big, just blow. My one friend kept looking at me and smiling at me, almost a reassuring smile. But I could feel this sense of tension, not bad necessarily . Much more like heightened awareness. Something was up and I sure as hell hoped it had nothing to do with me.

I was manipulated with a dancer's grace out of the meeting room by a very charming man and the door to the meeting room was slammed in my face. A soft slam but nonetheless a dismissal. I was impressed with the efficacy with which is was done. Very smooth, very effective. Almost sinister. But it's not about me, which in the end is what counts.

But I would have hated to be in that hot seat. Thos people were good.

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