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Saturday, September 5, 2009

And so the Musings Continue.....

Welcome to my world. The dogs are nutty and the summer wind blows. A perfect summer day. A perfect summer evening. The kind you dream of in late January, when it's dreary and cold.

And yet, my heart does grieve for my darling brother and niece, who must figure out why the earth keeps spinning when part of their lives, their essence, is not of this world any more. My sister (in law), Kaya, died two weeks ago and a huge part of me is still reeling.

But I digress, as is my wont. Life is good. Life is good because there are people who love me, animals who love me and Kaya loved me and most likely still does. I can see her her sideways glance, sharing an unspoken joke. It's in my dreams and I did dream of her two days after she left her body here and went to the sun, to her home. She is still with me. So it must be a thousand times, a zillion times more so for my brother and my niece.

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