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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Another Blonde Moment

Sept. 21, 2012 (Remember: I am colorblind.)

The full moon was really pretty last night!
Me to Marty (Spousal Unit): So how blue is it, just partly blue? Sort of blue? Did we miss the blue part?
Marty: It's not blue.
Me: How come? They said it was going to be a blue moon. Atmospheric conditions make it look blue sometimes. Volcanoes, forest fires. There have been some forest fires.
Marty: It the same color it always is.
Me: It's not blue?
Marty: Ah...nope.
Me: Well, sh*t. And hear I thought it was going to have a bluish cast to it.
Marty: Uh....(trying not to laugh) Nope.
Me: What a bummer. Still it is a pretty moon, it's kind of cool through the binoculars. The clouds and all.
Marty:'re seeing stuff like Tycho Crater and the Ocean of Storms and stuff.
Me: Yeah, I forgot.... no clouds on the moon.
Marty: Nope, just our clouds covering the moon.
Me: It sure is pretty. The way the clouds look, I can almost see how you could see Captain Hook's ship.
Marty: Yep.

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