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Monday, September 10, 2012

Helping Animals in Need. A Facebook Failure

Bitch of the Day:
©2012 Mia Knerly-Hess
I am getting horrifically pissed at seeing completely inadequate "Dogs/cats/horses/animals in need postings."

Contrary to popular belief we are NOT psychics. Gosh, hate to disillusion you and, oh, guess what ----FB is international. Which means people are going to read your posts everywhere!
You want to help ---- BE SPECIFIC!!!!!!. Here is an example.

Picture(s) of animal than say: (for example)

Dog, Urgent. Can only be released to a Rescue Organization (if that's the case.).

8 year old medium-sized female 17-19" tall, a very slim 45 pounds. (Better than saying she's scrawny and needs a lot of good meals and has tits hanging down to her knees.)

Since so many pictures are crappy (another bitch of mine), a detailed description please:

She is a pit bull mix type dog, not spayed. Now use some adjectives! She is a stunning dark tiger brindle with white markings on her chest and cute little white toes. Her eyes are a deep brown and her teeth are good but they might benefit from a cleaning and good diet. She's Vet checked, has kennel cough which is treatable etc. UTD on all shots. (Whatever medical issues are needed to know, be honest.)

Here's another colossal failure with posters. Where the hell is the dog located? Some missle base? On Mars? Like I really know where in Brooklyn, NY? Oh, wait.....let me get out my Ouija broad and see if I can find it?

Try this instead:
Available at Barks-A-Lot Shelter,
2668 First Street, Ipswich, Ct. 60008
Durham County, Near State route 22 and cross street X.
Open M-F 8-5pm etc.
Phone number: 800-555-1000 email contact: susieQ@ email. net

Passed her SAFER test with all 1s. (Post any temperament test results or assessments if you've got them.)
Volunteers write: "blah-blah-blah." Some kind of personality assessment!

Do not give me that malarky about "we don't know weight or height." The vet or tech who checked in the dog knows the weight or an approximation.

Height is easy to determine, you can self-measure that dog. At home, get a yard stick and have a friend tell you what inch is the bottom of your knee cap, the top of your knee cap, the middle of your shin and the middle of your thigh. That pretty much takes in most dogs and you'll have a ballpark figure. Where do the dog's withers come on you! Duh. Don't need to be a brain surgeon for that! And if you don't know what a "wither" is on a dog, google it!

And stop, for god's sake, saying she's a Pit Bull. The likelihood of her being a UKC Registered American Pit Bull Terrier is so slim you'd be more likely to win the mega-millions. At least give her half a chance by saying she's a Pit Bull mix. Or if she's low and wide, an AmStaff mix. And that would be the truth!
©2012 Mia Knerly-Hess

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