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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

You're Not Voting? What?

I swear to all that's holy.... if I hear ONE more person of ANY age but especially a young age (under 40) and ESPECIALLY young WOMEN that:
1) they are not gong to vote "because it's all rigged" or
2) voting is stupid, "it doesn't matter," etc. etc. etc.
3) I'm too busy to bother....

I say: Quit posting your political stuff on your Facebook wall since you're not going to exercise your RIGHT as a Citizen to Anywhere in the world that has voting, you hypocrite!

I say: Young Women, your grandmothers or great-grandmothers remember when they couldn't vote because they were women. You represent 49% of the population and less than 50% of you vote.? Talk about dumb broads! Saudi women were just granted the right to vote in 2011. And you American gals don't VOTE? Are you NUTS?

Even if you don't vote for candidates, there are always other things on the ballot that might MATTER to you! Like a levy, bill, or issue. Then when you wonder why you can't smoke your cigarettes outside your own home or your taxes went up or your school closed because the levy didn't pass, I'll tell you why. You didn't VOTE.
QYB and get your butt out the door and VOTE!

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