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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Artie's Blog About a Walk in the Woods (8/11/12)

Elke: I stayed home with a giant Kong and bones. Peace.

Artie says:

Last night I went in the red car in my crate. I was pretty good.

We went to the Woods Walking Place and there were a whole bunch of doggies, some I'd never seen before! I barked and got way excited. Mom was telling me to shush and feeding me cheese. I was excited to see my friends, Oreo, McKinley and Dudders. We are the 4 Musketeers, Mom says.

We went for a walk by the lake for a while and then we came back to the parking lot and I saw Momma Jen and her 2 doggies that I know, Tovah and Shay! "HIiiiiii guys! Memeber me?"I barked!

Then some people went one way and a whole bunch of us went the other into the wood part. A lady named Kelly was holding her little doggie in her arms. "Why are you doing that?" I wondered!! "Is your doggie a toy?" She is a puppy named Molly, maybe her mommy was worried about her.

As we were running through the woods, one white dog decided she didn't like what I was doing that AT ALL! Maybe she's a fun cop. She pounced on me, held me down and growled at me and all the humans were not happy. Mom and Auntie Gayle were worried about me.

Finally we settled down for a good walk! Me and Mom were way ahead for a while there with Dudders and his mom. But we kept on having to ask Uncle Ray where to go.....

We came to a pond and Tovah and Shay and I went for a serious swim. Mommy and Dad said Tovah's trying out for the Lympic Swimming Team! Then Oreo and Kinners were in the pond, running around and my friend, Dudders was barking and running at all of us on the shore! I bet he wants to play but he doesn't know how yet.

Me and Tovah and Shay ran through the woods. Wheeeee! It was fun! I was chasing Tovah! When Tovah runs towards the humans, Mom stands by a tree! Tovah sure is fast and she's way bigger than me. Mom said, "I know Rotts, she might bump into me!" but she was laughing about it! She likes Tovah's kind of dog.

It was a long walk and when we were at the car, the sun was setting in the sky. Mom put bicycling blinky lights on my harness so I could be seen cuz I am the color of the woods!

After our walk we went back to Auntie Gayle's house. Oreo and Kinners were there, of course cuz that's where they live. I walked in like I own the joint. The little puppy, Molly was there and Auntie told Momma Jen to bring in Shay and Tovah. I think Momma Jen was surprised that her doggies could come in too. The humans played games with a little white ball and paddles on a table and Tovah kept trying to eat the ball. Dad was yelling at her because she didn't want to drop it. All us dogs kept trying to get the food cuz it smelled sooooooo good. I finally laid down. Us dogs would sniff little Molly but nobody bothered her.

Mom says it was so nice that everybody got along so nicely. Even Tovah would sometimes rest for a minute. Me and Shay (cuz we're herding dogs), we were kind of busy cuz we wanted everyone to relax! The humans talked and ate and played games. Mom had fun; she loves that kind of stuff and she kept on thanking Dad for such a nice evening as I was falling asleep in my crate in the car.

Elke: You smell funny. Where have you been?

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  1. So bummed that I missed the party! Especially since the girl who was in the dorm ENDED UP SLEEPING AT THE HOTEL WITH HER PARENTS!!!