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Monday, August 13, 2012

When You Need A Special Doctor Right Away, Good Luck

Arrrrgh! Doctors' offices!

You think they could expedite a visit to a specialist. but, nooooo. Of course not. Fluid in your ears? Vertigo? Again? That cough that won't go away?

Well, one of the doctors (not your doctor) in our practice can see you today. (Well, whoopee-dee-fkg-do!) What's he going to do, stick a band-aid on his ear? Prescribe more stupid antibiotics? Yeah, like that's helped already. Not. All it does is keeps the SU off his meds that help with his pain and make him crankier than a crocodile.

"No, I need the Doc to get my SU into a SPECIALIST. An ENT doctor."

"No, uh, I/we can't do that." (Are you kidding me? It's a fkg phone call. You pick up the damn phone.)

"No, I/we can't do that. You could go to the ER."

"Oh, yeah, so they can bill us $1000+ to tell us (DUH) we need to see an ENT? But, hey, can THEY get us in today, tomorrow?"

At the ER: " have to make an "follow up" appt. What the hell is that???"

So to circumvent this continual loop of stupidity, I start calling ENTs. "We're booking 6 weeks out."

"This is important. Vertigo. Fluid in the ears. Person should NOT be in car driving with vertigo....."

"Well, we can put you on our cancellation list." Who do I shoot today to get an appt.?

I called every ENT office in the Akron area. Even Children's Hospital. Not one can see anyone today, tomorrow or for weeks. I even cried on the phone.

So now, I'm in the Cleveland Clinic loop......

This has nothing to do with nationalized health care or any of that other political crap. because trust me WITH nationalized health care, what you all don't realize that if it's something big or requiring a specialist, you'll be put on a waiting list.

And it has nothing to do with going to the ER, which by the way unless you're bleeding, sucks too. Broken arm, broken leg? It hasn't punctured the skin? Have to wait to see a bone guy, to have it set. And why do you not have an orthopedic surgeon on call so you can get your bone set?

It has EVERYTHING to with scheduling. Over-scheduling.

I am so pissed.

The SU says, "It's no big deal." If it was no big deal, it would be GONE! MEN!!!!!!

If our doctor's office thinks they have heard the last of me, THEY have vertigo.

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