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Monday, January 9, 2012

Tell Me It Gets Better

Oh, the joys of the Adolescent Dog. Not.

Your adorable, sweet puppy has turned into Conan The Destroyer! The Teen-Aged Termagant. They chew everything, eat everything, pull up floor tiles and devour them, jump, mouth, bite, nip, scream at cats. cars in the driveway...any weird noise. They incessantly bark in an ear-shattering, annoying scream-bark-shriek at everything. The rarely shut up, they are noisy, whiny, mouthy. They pretty much ignore you unless they REALLY need something. They focus one absolutely the last thing you want or need them to focus on. They are messy and destructive and disrespectful and defiant (if one can use that word with a dog). You can't leave them out of your sight for a minute or they are into something. Something Bad. They are sneaky little bastards, like a stealth bomber. They very seldom cuddle and they torment their older dog siblings. It does't matter what the breed is but I tend to think herding breeds are the worst offenders. (At least in my experience.)

You know....looking at this, this reads like a teenaged human. I bet some kids tear up floor tiles too.

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