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Monday, January 9, 2012

My Dogs In Review

There are so many things about the Dogs Of The Past (and one of the present) that stick with me. The interesting thing is some of these dogs came to me deliberately, others by happenstance or "just meant to be." In many ways, Artie is a Happenstance Dog.

I certainly did NOT plan in this or in any other Alternative Universe to get another damn puppy, that's for hell's fire sure. And certainly acclimating to an adolescent dog, one who is a real pain in the ass makes me wonder if he hasn't somehow channeled all the crud from all the dogs I've had in my adult life. And there was a lot of crud, trust me. (See the previous blog, DESTRUCTO DOG.)

But each dog had their virtues, their amazing lovable, wonderful, awesome traits too. Here they are!

My Dogs In Review:

Elke 7/?/2008 - Present) is smart as a whip, lovable, huggable, laid-back, willing, able, sweet to humans, a kisser and cuddler. She's a sleeping pill...."Schmoobien K9!" She lays on you, and after thoroughly cleaning your face it...Sleepy time! Easiest "keeper" I've ever had. So good in the house, you can leave her for hours and is learning to be neutral with the cats. she is pretty good with little kids as well. Great about being poked, prodded, dremeled, whatever. She is very deserving of her CGC and Therapy titles and I think would enjoy the work. She is probably the smartest dog I've ever owned.

Jesse Ann's (199? - 8/22/2011) virtues were her calmness, her quietness, her stoicism, her easy-going, unflappable nature. Very seldom did anything faze her. Well, OK, maybe the lawn mower, vacuum, weed whacker.... but other than that, you could probably set off a bomb next to her, and she'd maybe jump a little bit. She was The Boss from Day One with any dog who came in here.Truly calm-assertive. Good about being groomed and Dremeled. Great easy traveling dog. Wearing a cone for a year....putting up with having open sores treated, always stoic and tolerant, her frail body just gave up. CGC/TDI

Winger's (3/14/1999-2/11/2011) fine qualities were his true-blue loyalty to his family circle and his ever-loving nature. Once he got over his fear of men, he was a lover. His athletic ability, focus on fetching toys and ball-playing skills were wonderful and funny! He loved water and would fetch in water. He would have made a great dock-diving dog or water retriever, a good agility dog too. Great hiking dog. Best traveling dog EVER! Even my Mother-In-Law welcomed Wingie! Great about being groomed. It figures that a tumor in his heart is what made us have to let him go --- his heart grew to be too big for his body; his love and devotion were enormous. CGN (Canadian Good Neighbor title).

Drighten (10/1/2002-present) was the best dog I have ever had with kids. Hands down. Simply the best. He was also the most comical dog I've owned. He was always good for a laugh! A good snuggler too! Very good with grooming. Gave us the opportunity to show and title a dog in Conformation and educate the public on dog breeds. I learned a lot about The Fancy from having Dri in my life.
He also taught me that letting go, and finding a better place is sometimes the most loving thing you can do for a dog. Rehomed through German Pinscher Rescue, he is living La Vida Loca in NYC.

Druid's (3/14/1999-?) high points were his herding ability and sweetness with kids, he was very tolerant. And he was very good with other dogs in a park situation; would run, play and herd them. Great naturally off-leash with a beautiful, natural recall. Never had to teach him to stick with me, he just did. He is another one who ended up in a different home than mine. He is a true testament of a responsible breeder, as she took him back and found him another wonderful home.

True (6/1/1991-?) was just True Blue.
He got me started (and interested) in Dog Safety Awareness, Dog Bite Prevention, Dog Breed Information presentations and classes. He made me aware of the importance of "Education The Public" about "Things Dog." He is the dog that changed my perception about certain breeds, and it has influenced my life ever-after.
His steadfastness, calm demeanor, commanding presence and impeccable judgement of people and situations was unreal. He was a great therapy dog for Seniors and extremely tolerant of little kids. Easy to groom, he would hold up his paws for clipping or Dremeling. Beautiful natural stick-to-you quality. Awesome hiking dog. Outstanding, very subtle herding dog. Loved water! Great traveler. We had him for a year and a half and his breeder just decided to take him back. Broke my heart; he was an extraordinary dog. CGC/TDI.

Hart-Marie (4/22/1993-8/26/2009) had great train-ability (once she got through her bratty, fearful, whiny, clinging stage). Her smarts, her knowledge of commands was pretty outstanding; she probably knew 50+ different commands. Best recall ever, no matter what the circumstances. Only dog I've had so far that had an Obedience title. Ball-player par excellence! Would have made an outstanding Agility dog, knew all the obstacles but the weave poles when I stopped training her. Superior hiking dog! Loving dog to her circle of friends. She had an uncanny ability to know if a person was disabled, either physically or mentally and was gentle and understanding and soft with them.
I would have worked hard on her around others dogs and strangers if her "dad" hadn't really, desperately wanted her to live with him. And that was meant to be; they were inseparable for the rest of her life. Superior traveling dog! She was my first canine teacher. CD/CGC/TDI

Tzara (1975-?) was my first "real" dog, MY dog. Not our family's dog. First dog I got to name too. He went to college with me (highly illegal). He was smart as a whip, had a long distance recall like a damn hunting dog (a mile away with a whistle) and was the best discriminatory guard dog I've ever known. (There's a story there.) Funny, dopey, affectionate, he got along with darn near every dog he ever met. He taught me about responsible dog ownership. First dog I had to rehome unfortunately. But from what I've heard he was a treasure all of his life with his new family. This is the only picture I have of him.

Little Smarty-Artie has some big pawprints to follow. I know it will take hard work and maybe i need to think about all the goodness that he can achieve. Maybe i need to focus on alll the Good, the Positive aspects that have gone before. Instead of the really crappy, shitty, bewildering, maddening, infuriating qualities each one of these dogs had in the beginning or throughout their lifetimes.

Maybe, just maybe, he will be exceptional in a positive, extraordinary way I've never thought of.

Please, God(s), make it so!

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