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Monday, January 16, 2012

Letting A Kid Cry

Now, before everybody gets all Waco & Postal on me, and calling me an unfeeling Bitch, let me be clear....

A few fussy moments is way different than a full blown crying jag as is a full blown "this has worked before, I'll throw a fit cuz damn, I've got Mom running" thing. I'm not saying little itty bitties should be left to cry but honesty, I can get where some poor mom or dad is so fkg tired themselves they can hardly stand it. Most people do NOT have all that extra family around any more to give you a break so you can take a G.D. nap.

I think where people may be misguided in this whole "letting the kid cry it out" is in enforcing bed time but that's for older kids, not wee babies, not little kids. It seems to coincide with being wholly potty trained too.

Come on, let's be real here. WTH is wrong with a schedule?

You have some 3-4 year who is up all night, throwing temper tantrums when others in the house have to get some sleep...that's crazy. Adults have to work unless they're independently wealthy, they NEED sleep, real sleep or that's a disaster waiting to happen! We're sleep deprived already as a society It's been shown in who are staying up all night are for crap.

Come on, take a group of real parents....the biggest of the biggest issues with toddler and young kids is that whole bedtime thing. Everytime you see SUPERNANNY or the American SuperNanny lady, it's always a big issue. There is NOTHING wrong with regulating bedtimes. Hey trust me, your agricultural?hunter societies, you better sleep kid, cuz it's field/gathering/hunting time in the a.m.

It's like: it's time for school, time for play, time for meals, time to unwind, have a story, time for bed. By the time it's kindergarten time, with no schedule in place, the kid is fkd and so is the rest of the family. Trust me, I've seen this habit of just letting them determine bedtimes really screw up an adult whgo was permitted to determine their sleep times.

However, 2 items nobody usually takes into account is: Diet and exercise play a huge part here too.... It's too much sugar, too much HFCS, too much caffeine too late in the day.

Does NO one have ANY compassion for the PARENTS who are not getting any sleep??

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