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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Photography Gear For The Beginner. Seriously?

Read this first....and laugh with me.

Are you f-----g kidding me? 

Ridiculous amount of stuff! For a beginner?? Someone just starting out? Silliness multiplied. You don’t need all that crud. 
You need a decent camera body, and can get them oftentimes used, a decent zoom lens (an 18-140 will get you started), a good, fast memory card and a computer or laptop with a cheapo program (such as the disc that comes with a Nikon) to crop and do light edits. I bought my best bag used at a garage sale for $5. I bet it’s older than me. I know folks who buy the padding and re-purpose back packs, messengers bags etc. that they buy USED!  I use a lunch bag with padding for a day bag. 
I would buy a good comfy strap new (I love the OpTech ones).
Contrary to the myth, you rarely need a tripod and sometimes you can find a good one used, it just might need a new head. A lot of pros use a string tripod (google it if you don’t know) or a fence, or wall Nothing screams “pretentious photographer” like a tripod.
Who thinks up this stuff? That’s all fluff, pretty much. Don’t you want to encourage folks to get INTO photography, not break the bank doing it?
Who wants to carry around all that crap anyway? 
Just my two cents but I’ve been a hobbyist photographer for over 30 years, with some paid gigs and awards won along the way. I'm shooting with Nikons D7100 and D90 mostly using a Sigma 17-70 f2.8-4 Macro lens currently but my first gen DSLR was a Konica-Minolta with two lenses. 
Yes, I have other lenses and If know I'll need them, I'll bring them along.  I've shot vacations to Europe with one stinkin' lens. 
Seriously, this has to be a joke or a way to get folks to buy stuff.

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