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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

My Hair (The Saga Grows. Everywhere.)

Apres Le C. April 8, 2015. Four months after the last of the Dragon's Blood.


My dear friend (who makes magic with my nails and other beauty parts), gave me some shampoo samples a while back to help thicken one's hair.  Mine, to be specific.

Apparently, everything from the neck DOWN sure as heck got the memo.  Not to be too gauche, (oh, what the hell, let's be gauche) but watching one's legs become Neaandrathalic before one's eyes is a little slice of Otherworld-liness.

My razor whimpered.

My head hair, on the other hand looks like a bizarre combination of a cartoon runner with "s'ploding" (exploding) follicles, AstroBoy and a 3-D topographical color map of the Andes Mountains compete with white tops.

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