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Friday, March 27, 2015

"Precious" Parenting Sucks.

Read this:

My mom drank Tab and threw our carcasses outside.  We went to summer camp on a bus, thank you very much.  We walked to school (4-10 blocks away) or were bused. We were NOT constantly signed up for activities or given stuff on a daily basis

You had to pick ONE after school activity (a sport or in my case, theater).

If we whined about being bored, Mom gave us chores.  Least favorite: scrubbing the carpet by hand.

We had to behave ourselves in restaurants and at social events, but could bring a coloring book or small toy.

We could watch TV one hour a day and some on Saturday mornings so they could sleep in.  We rode bikes and horses without helmets.  We learned stranger danger and were expected to have two brain cells to rub together.

Record players were in our rooms, so we could listen to Mom Approved music (which could be the Beatles or Motown or Petula Clark).  I had an art area in the basement.

We had to fold the and put away laundry, make our beds, clean up and do dishes when Mom had dinner parties for 50.  And that all started young.  I had to make my bed at age 5.

When my brother and sister wanted cars, they got jobs and paid for their junkers.  I had to work at a barn for my riding lessons.

My mom was not My Best Friend; my dad was not My Buddy, she was my mother and he was my Father.  Period.  We got spanked when it was merited and it was!  Sassing back was unacceptable.  Their word was law but we were loved.  Most definitely loved.  We were fortunate kids but we weren't spoiled either.

We turned out just fine.  I have severe doubts about the next generation.

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