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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Camera Frustration Mode

Elke is bored with being a model.
Someone on my Nikon D7100 Facebook group gives me this article on the Focusing System to read. (I'm an earnest but wildly impatient student, as many will tell you...)

Here is an excerpt:

"In menu item a2, you can select the AF-S release priority, meaning that you can choose whether or not the camera will be in release priority or focus priority. Release priority means that the camera will deploy the shutter when you full-press the shutter button, regardless of whether or not the subject is in focus. It is sometimes jokingly called "focus frustration mode", as it gives you snappy AF speed, but if you didn't focus adequately during the half-press there would be nothing to stop you from taking an out-of-focus picture. Focus priory is the the opposite; even if you full-press the shutter button, the camera won't take a snap until the AF sensor thinks that it has achieved focus. This mode is sometimes jokingly referred to as "subject frustration mode," as the AF operation is slower (but more accurate), allowing for the subject to drift out of composition after focus has been locked." 

So THAT'S my problem!  I have the camera in one of two Frustration Modes!   LOL!  Explains EVERYTHING!

Is there a Banging Your Head Against The Wall mode??

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