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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Camera Fear

Selfie, Lafayette Hotel, Marietta, OH, 3/30/14

I think sometimes I forget my Nikon is a CAMERA, I shouldn't be afraid to take snapshots! It's OK. It's not degrading to the camera. (Well maybe mine are....)
Does anyone else suffer from "OMG, it has to be competition-gallery worthy in order to use this expensive camera" syndrome? 
Does anyone else, when they're thinking of "Just a quick shot" reach for their phone or pocket camera? I couldn't FIND my pocket camera & my phone didn't have a charge so I grabbed the D7100 to take a quick picture of my wellies (boots) And felt guilty for it.
Is anyone else afraid to take their camera out for fear it will break? Am I the only one? I am so afraid to break or mess up this expensive thing and its attendant lenses. I freaked when my Spousal Unit said, "Just throw it in your bike bag," the other day. He got pictures of Great Blue Herons with it.
I'm actually afraid of this camera!

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