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Monday, July 22, 2013

Music: Don't Cry

Costume made by Marcia Detweiler,
restored by Deb Langenhop 1998
I've started to scan, archive, even photograph my friend's mom's (and grandmother's) sheet music collection.  Her mom, Marcia Merritt, was a professional singer on the radio (among many other talents) so she had a ton of music. She also was a sculptor, costumer, actress, made all her own clothes, doll house furniture builder,  Etc. etc. etc.

As I start going through this collection, I feel somewhat humbled.  This is a family legacy.  As of this writing, Marcia is still alive but alas in a nursing home.  Her daughter and grandchildren are very musical.  I've been in plays with all of them!  I wore HER costume as Dolly in HELLO DOLLY! at the same theater in 1998.

Now I'm one of those odd ducks who likes to HEAR what it sounds like, so you become a Musical Detective-Archaeologist.  Some songs are easy to find, others......

This song, (DON'T CRY published in 1942) as far as my research led me, was never recorded but at some point it was filmed.  Band leader is a pianist, Vincent Lopez, singer is Sunny Skylar (I think), who also wrote the song.

Sunny's real name was Selig Saftel.  NO wonder he changed it!  He also wrote Amor, Get Be This OR That (big hit for Sinatra), And So To Sleep Again and the English words to Besame Mucho, which I've sung a thousand times!

How's that for obscure? LOL!  It's kind of nice little fox trot ballad-song from the War Years.

Here is a link to the only "sound" version I could find.  On good old Mother YouTube.
Don't Cry

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