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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Camera Crap

Well, that was pretty much a total waste of 90 minutes (and $41) of my time.  I have no answers to my camera dilemma.

Thank you for NOT putting my camera under the microscope, Campus Camera in Kent.

I told you up front I could not afford to get a new camera.  Right at the get-go. No B.S. "Don't sell me a new camera. I/we can't afford it."

Yes, I KNOW my camera is "really old".  Duh.  It's a Minolta DSLR almost before Konica, then Sony bought them out. would be LOVELY to get a new Sony A58 that has a translucent mirror and shoot 7 frames a second with a tilt screen but that isn't happening and it's not in the budget.  And even if it were, I can get a package on amazon with 2 lenses for about what you all sell the body for.

So thanks for trying to sell me a new camera before I could barely get out that, yeah, I think it might be my SENSOR.

"Are you seeing dust spots on your pictures?"


"Then it can't be the sensor."

Well, here's a thought, Einstein...... could you just LOOK at the damn sensor?  You take it the back and LOOK at it under a microscope.

I never got my camera "looked at" looked at. Just cleaned with a cloth.  Which was nice, especially after he said, "This camera looks pretty clean."

Well, duh, I haven't been using it for dust rag!  Yeah, I thought I'd go ahead and scrub my floors with my camera.

Yes, I needed lens caps, a new filter, and a camera cap and yes, my old strap was being held together by zip ties so yes, I needed a new strap.

And yes, I really do appreciate you putting the strap on (which took 45 minutes, not his fault, truly) and ah, sh*t it's on backwards so I have to redo it.

Which I did not have heart to tell him.

So I come home and shoot 100 pictures using various lens and guess what, there is either something wrong with the camera focusing point or (and I hate to even think this) my eyesight. I honestly don't think it's my eyesight.  I've been using this camera for 10 years, I know exactly where dead center is in the view finder.

(Examples: uncropped. They are almost all like this.)

So I'm still back at Square One and seriously depressed and pissed off.

There was an upside.....and thank you Miss M. for suggesting it.... an truly outstanding baked burrito (in Kent) at Taco Tantos.

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